Air Force of Spain


Media: Spanish military missile fell in Russia

The Air Force fighter of Spain struck air strike on the territory of Russia.

Yesterday it was reported that the Air Force fighter of Spain accidentally released an air-to-air missileby patrolling Estonian airspace. Despite the fact that NATO declared that the rocket was supposed to self-destruct or fall to the ground, however, no traces of its fall were found, at least in Estonia, but experts believe that the AIM-120 rocket AMRAAM could fall on the territory of Russia.

Due to the fact that there was no official confirmation of the self-destruction of the air-to-air missile, and there were no traces of the fall of the rocket in Estonia, experts believe that the missile fired by the Spanish fighter could well fall on the territory of Russia.

Given the rather cold relations between the West and Russia, experts have already suggested that this could be a huge problem for the Baltic countries, in particular, it is about Latvia, Lithuania and the same Estonia. On the other hand, there have not been any official comments from Russia on this issue, but launching a military missile in the direction of the Russian border can lead to unpredictable consequences for NATO.

And what is such a nation and when did it appear? BC ?

Russia after the missile attack from the territory of the Baltic has every right to strike back at the location of the aggressor, as Israel does in the case of mines and missiles from Syria.

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In general, nothing will happen, even if you get into a house and dozens of people die. They all value money, not war

The last centrifuge was closed in 2012-m Medvedev, funded by the United States.

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To our country any rocket like an elephant is a pellet, it's different to the Baltic states ....

There is no TNT in the atomic bomb. It uses much more powerful explosives.

If it fell on our side, then our borders are not protected.

If no one killed a rocket, it means very well once, the second is a good gift for our developers-designers. We, as Israel, will not be bombed because of such nonsense of the Balts, we should not waste it.

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I read the TSB: "In June 1945, by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was transformed into the Crimean Region of the RSFSR." In 1954, in honor of the 300 anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine with Russia, it was transferred from the RSFSR to the Ukrainian SSR. " Thank you for attention!

Nuclear weapons today do not exist. There are a lot of information on the Internet on this subject. There are only dirty atomic bombs that contaminate the terrain with radiation in the explosion of trotyl. Look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki-blossoming cities of Japan. It is theoretically possible to explode only an atomic reactor and then under a big question. If you collect a ton of any of the isotopes of pure uranium, nothing will not explode, so-called "retarders" are needed. but not detonators ....

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In 1954, the Crimean region passed from the RSFSR membership to the Ukrainian SSR. Learn the story.

Armor is strong and our tanks are fast ... the border on the castle ..?

This is if you do not find a missile, and if you find it. Declare gratitude. Let the eggheads look inside, suddenly come in handy ....

If this is true, then most likely - a test balloon for Russia's reaction.

Clever man, yes? Read the AIM 120c missiles, and do not write any nonsense.

If this is really so, and the missile has fallen in Russia, then the Air Defense Commander is to take it to court!

And what if there was no rocket? Have you invented it to check the media response of readers in Europe? Type, how will they react to the border conflict with Russia, capable of unleashing a large-scale war? But for a simple matter, they did not start using a real rocket (or even a little!), Took a fake and launched :)

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You, American rubbing, used not their own, fucked up - enough. Enough! now the owner has come !!!! your hohlomrudy cornflower took away the Crimea from us, did not ask permission. And you, sebaceous gaskets, do not know how to use - do not take it, put it back on the place that it's not yours ... go and sweep your mandand, or else look and it will run away from you.

Rave. I was also on duty then. He was led all the time and could be shot down at any time. All the authorities hid. Afraid of responsibility. Our brave general, hid in a bath for example.

In accordance with the diplomatic norms and principles, it is necessary to give a MIRROR RESPONSE.


From such missiles, air defense covers important objects, and swamps, this is not ...

Joy at the West nat, then the missile did not fly to Russia.

The missile is clearly not in Russia, otherwise the USA would have splashed such riot of joy.

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Why bother to ring this one? Let them think that it is with us, dismantled and studied until the last module.

The difference in time the missile approaches the target, the further the greater the probability of detecting and intercepting the target (the missile).

Ivan))))) What distance can a missile fly by? What is actually the difference where there will be missiles? on 300km. closer or at 300 km further. As for missiles in the Urals, this brainwashed you. )))

If the missile fell on the territory of Russia, then where were our vigilant pvos?

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interesting idea you have. and sprats are also made in Kaliningrad.

not to retire Roma not to retire, but to court. then they will work.

I think that someday it will turn out and a missile with a nuclear warhead (and maybe not one) "accidentally" will fall somewhere. As they say: "If the gun is hanging on the wall, it will definitely shoot."

The Spanish missile did not accidentally fly out in our direction - this is a test of the vigilance of our air defense. Otherwise, why NATO aviation in Estonia?