Air Force of Spain


Media: Spanish military missile fell in Russia

The Air Force fighter of Spain struck air strike on the territory of Russia.

Yesterday it was reported that the Air Force fighter of Spain accidentally released an air-to-air missileby patrolling Estonian airspace. Despite the fact that NATO declared that the rocket was supposed to self-destruct or fall to the ground, however, no traces of its fall were found, at least in Estonia, but experts believe that the AIM-120 rocket AMRAAM could fall on the territory of Russia.

Due to the fact that there was no official confirmation of the self-destruction of the air-to-air missile, and there were no traces of the fall of the rocket in Estonia, experts believe that the missile fired by the Spanish fighter could well fall on the territory of Russia.

Given the rather cold relations between the West and Russia, experts have already suggested that this could be a huge problem for the Baltic countries, in particular, it is about Latvia, Lithuania and the same Estonia. On the other hand, there have not been any official comments from Russia on this issue, but launching a military missile in the direction of the Russian border can lead to unpredictable consequences for NATO.

And what is such a nation and when did it appear? BC ?

Russia after the missile attack from the territory of the Baltic has every right to strike back at the location of the aggressor, as Israel does in the case of mines and missiles from Syria.

Khrushchev is not any Ukrainian, but a pureblood katsap from Kursk province.

So, the reunion ended ...

In general, nothing will happen, even if you get into a house and dozens of people die. They all value money, not war

The last centrifuge was closed in 2012-m Medvedev, funded by the United States.

... local residents to scrap.

"ЧЁ" -in Russian spelling there is no word, there is "WHAT". Learn first your native language, and then talk about physics ... In general, "CHO" is spoken in a remote village, when the seeds are peeling ... But they do not write.

for nuclear nuclear fuel for thermonuclear nuclear for gravitational thermonuclear

Well, you and the frame))) you saw the poplar live))) and I served - there is a head with a hen's soul, more precisely, a few))) and that would vpindyuhat there TNT should be about seven steam engines)))) teach physics! nuclear !!! and on centrifuges Th on your vodka enriches)))) you know how much in general centrifuge in Russia - how many factories? ....))))

Our borders as networks - caught the "fish" and the "cutting" without noise and dust, like "tamogavki."

To our country any rocket like an elephant is a pellet, it's different to the Baltic states ....

There is no TNT in the atomic bomb. It uses much more powerful explosives.

If it fell on our side, then our borders are not protected.

If no one killed a rocket, it means very well once, the second is a good gift for our developers-designers. We, as Israel, will not be bombed because of such nonsense of the Balts, we should not waste it.

And the Earth is really flat :)
I am surprised at the degree of degradation of the younger generation

Sheer bredyatina. Posmitry is a schematic of a nuclear bomb, in which it is needed to compress the parts of uranium, in order to initiate a decay reaction.

In honor of the reunion was transferred .... Well disconnected, so that the pledge was returned.

and where is the law

All thanks to the gene.sek Khrushchu.Then the people did not ask much. Everyone lived about the same. After the revolution, nine districts were added to Ukraine, for which all are silent. Drop everything and get what?

Neither passed, but the Ukrainian attached to Ukraine. And at that time, many people did not ask, and there was a free movement. What difference does it have, there is bread 16 cop., And here 16.

A test ball !!! AFTER THE BATTLE START! There the conversations went on a completely modern level ...

I read the TSB: "In June 1945, by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was transformed into the Crimean Region of the RSFSR." In 1954, in honor of the 300 anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine with Russia, it was transferred from the RSFSR to the Ukrainian SSR. " Thank you for attention!

Nuclear weapons today do not exist. There are a lot of information on the Internet on this subject. There are only dirty atomic bombs that contaminate the terrain with radiation in the explosion of trotyl. Look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki-blossoming cities of Japan. It is theoretically possible to explode only an atomic reactor and then under a big question. If you collect a ton of any of the isotopes of pure uranium, nothing will not explode, so-called "retarders" are needed. but not detonators ....

was born in the Crimea to the Great Patriotic War. Crimea in Russia until 1954 year was in Russia 170let and 60 Ukrainian years before 2014y do not do any weather on the yelling of Ukraine about the attraction to the Crimea. We in the Crimea were born before 1954 and live here 10-15%. We were never Ukrainians !!!

In 1954, the Crimean region passed from the RSFSR membership to the Ukrainian SSR. Learn the story.

Armor is strong and our tanks are fast ... the border on the castle ..?

This is if you do not find a missile, and if you find it. Declare gratitude. Let the eggheads look inside, suddenly come in handy ....

If this is true, then most likely - a test balloon for Russia's reaction.

Clever man, yes? Read the AIM 120c missiles, and do not write any nonsense.

If this is really so, and the missile has fallen in Russia, then the Air Defense Commander is to take it to court!

And what if there was no rocket? Have you invented it to check the media response of readers in Europe? Type, how will they react to the border conflict with Russia, capable of unleashing a large-scale war? But for a simple matter, they did not start using a real rocket (or even a little!), Took a fake and launched :)

You, American rubbing, used not their own, fucked up - enough. Enough! now the owner has come !!!! your hohlomrudy cornflower took away the Crimea from us, did not ask permission. And you, sebaceous gaskets, do not know how to use - do not take it, put it back on the place that it's not yours ... go and sweep your mandand, or else look and it will run away from you.

You, American rubbing, used not their own, fucked up - enough. Enough! now the owner has come !!!! your hohlomrudy cornflower took away the Crimea from us, did not ask permission. And you, sebaceous gaskets, do not know how to use - do not take it, put it back on the place that it's not yours ... go and sweep your mandand, or else look and it will run away from you.

Rave. I was also on duty then. He was led all the time and could be shot down at any time. All the authorities hid. Afraid of responsibility. Our brave general, hid in a bath for example.

In accordance with the diplomatic norms and principles, it is necessary to give a MIRROR RESPONSE.


From such missiles, air defense covers important objects, and swamps, this is not ...

Joy at the West nat, then the missile did not fly to Russia.

The missile is clearly not in Russia, otherwise the USA would have splashed such riot of joy.

Simple "guests" do not visit Russia much - visitors are more often visited with brainwashed.

Why bother to ring this one? Let them think that it is with us, dismantled and studied until the last module.

The difference in time the missile approaches the target, the further the greater the probability of detecting and intercepting the target (the missile).

Ivan))))) What distance can a missile fly by? What is actually the difference where there will be missiles? on 300km. closer or at 300 km further. As for missiles in the Urals, this brainwashed you. )))

If the missile fell on the territory of Russia, then where were our vigilant pvos?

you are standing under the spirit of America, you are the same piece ....))))

interesting idea you have. and sprats are also made in Kaliningrad.

not to retire Roma not to retire, but to court. then they will work.

I think that someday it will turn out and a missile with a nuclear warhead (and maybe not one) "accidentally" will fall somewhere. As they say: "If the gun is hanging on the wall, it will definitely shoot."

The Spanish missile did not accidentally fly out in our direction - this is a test of the vigilance of our air defense. Otherwise, why NATO aviation in Estonia?

Awww ...! Greetings from Sevastopol! Remember and pass on to your "single thinkers" - WE have been dreaming about going back home for more than 20 years. Thanks to Nenko, who got up the “dance of death” on Independence m for Americans who happily allowed to create something like that. Otherwise, it is quite possible that we would have been going with the SPIRIT for another two or three years. We just took advantage of the moment and ..... RUNNING HOME- TO THE NATIVE MOTHER !!! And certainly we will never leave the walls of the NATIVE HOUSE and will never allow ANYONE to deceive us! Hello! Come on vacation to relax. The heat begins to subside, and the moooooree ...

Who is taking his own, is it you that a tampax, well, come, take it, just hold the aluminum tag so as not to waste money on you.

The story, like Mathias Rust, repeats?

Would you cry with happiness if Bandera killed Russians in the Crimea and in the Donbas with Donetsk and in the Crimea now were proudly American warships and American missiles were holding Russia to the Urals? It will not be ...

Crimea with the population is not a thing to “chop off”. The people made their choice.

we take ours, and you give away to you what is not. on what basis do you consider the Crimea and the west of Russia as your own territories?

Comparatively - without victims.

Firstly: the Crimea left me.
In the second: They helped and will help.
Thirdly: There is no sense in supplying meat to the east of Ukraine, since western Ukraine already supplies it with abundant meat.

Crimea, in fact, returned peacefully without casualties.

As all the former want us to have poverty, misery and ruin .... Do not wait !!!! Judging by the sitting in the internet and comments, do not begging ... Traitors !!!!

They have already lost atomic bombs, and some have not yet been found.

Rusta was indeed seen on radars even before the USSR border, and for a short time after crossing the border. But then Rust rose above the railroad and at a low altitude walked toward the capital. Naturally, as a low-altitude target was soon lost. And it was again discovered in front of Moscow, where, for obvious reasons, it was no longer possible to shoot it down. It remained only in time to intercept him on the ground, and Red Square.

The rocket fell in Estonia !!! Mr.RG is not sleeping !!! now we have a rocket !!))) Or maybe Estonians were found in scrap metal))

Yes ... We are ... But you do not grieve. We are only our own, dear. We do not claim your caches.

And if they accidentally fired a nuclear missile?

Well, yes peaceful people. Mirnneko so chop off the Crimea, and quite peacefully supply weapons, equipment, fuel and meat to the east of Ukraine for four years in a row ...

Roma, Your Rust was led from the border itself, and roared from the lack of permission to drive it into the ground. Than to drive on the military, put things in order in his head and more nonsense is not a port. Such as you men of officers in 90-e stones and sticks in the doorways were killed, and then for their own backs and hid. Fuck damn, shame ...

Rust helped get rid of the moronic genelals accustomed to astray showing off. And now it is necessary to purge, to drive up on alarm the personnel, who did not meet, to drive into the neck to retire

These homegrown ehksperdy already got their assumptions. Take a pen, a pencil count the flight range, draw a circle and it will become clear where it allegedly fell. Plus minus 20 km.

It was a long time ago and overgrown.

already passed in tsvetmet.

The Spaniard was doing a rocket and a freak went off, they sent the Portuguese instead, they would come up with something else, the warriors were the ones who had to knock down this fighter and everything would have gone wrong and idiots.

The rocket, of course, fell at our place, the air defense system prowled everything, as usual. But they will not find it. Local ghouls

so die out, that already became 7,5 billion! Born in flies in the heat!

deneh no komputor no survive as we can

Yura, don't cry!

Yes, our PVOshnikov still need to wake up, maybe then they will be shot down

Correctly. Good thing there are people who think. And then Putin is bad, he does what he can.

Yes, here is a rocket, in Estonia, and she could not get to Russia! First look at the map. And if it flew in the direction of Russia, then its Russian air defense would have shot down and that's all. More fear was that the rocket was homing - what if a civilian plane was nearby? Then there would be trouble!

At least one reasonable comment. Thank you for the fact that there are people in our country who are capable of thinking and not shaking the air .. and such, judging by the last vote in the presidential elections, is the majority.

Boldly said about his "our top" ...

A rocket from a Spanish plane dug into a moor around the depth of 6-8 meters. And if there was no ignition of the engine, it will be quite difficult to find it, especially after the rain, when the peat slurry will wash the inlet.

, Putin seems to spit on his people, he dies out without war. There will be a part of the people who will follow the pipe and serve our servants of the people, and the rest is doomed to extinction. Education and medicine will become paid and simple people on what shishi to study, and then be treated ??? Again, with pension reform? One boltology, shake our billionaires, who literally plunder the country and the question will be resolved by itself, again, they are relatives or friends of our elite. And the West doesn’t need any more war, beating ok better than we zhivut.Putin here at all to do with it ??? He cares more about his surroundings .... Impunity can end, billions are stolen, and who have suffered punishment ??? Although they will plant a mere mortal for a bag of potatoes. So sometimes it does not interfere with the inclusion of brains ...

There is no reason for the West to destroy us. We would like to destroy them even in 90, when instead of SS-20 we began to blurt out pans instead of SATAN! After all, we actually contain them, freeing up their own resources for consumption. A gishpanskaya rocket, most likely, fell with us, and not by chance, draw your own conclusions, why ...

Where is the evidence, the media let the duck and you are happy to try.

and humanity is already dying out people are dying like flies, and do not say that Putin is holding back something, for me, so right now we have a continuous genocide of the population around poverty and misery

We ourselves handed over the country in a referendum, all honestly and legally - we follow all the instructions of the IMF to the detriment of us and applaud the congressmen in the Duma.

Do you want to believe it or not, it is, management, and so the Americans. Most of the government in the mouth looks to the representatives of the IMF, and the Duma applauds the congress.

Well, therefore, let us have what they want, maybe just to transfer the management of Russia to the Americans, then for sure there will be nothing either war or Russia

It always touches me when on TV, on media sites various topics are discussed by all who feel like it, but not by specialists. You, friends, at least asked, in the same Internet, in which case the air-to-air missile can explode. Clever men! To go nuts!

Trump passed a law that the US Congress, two-thirds of the votes may go out of NATO. For what? And in order, when the time comes to implement the EAST plan and at the same time stand aside during the Great Patriotic War. Ie Europe (read Hitler) will fight with Russia.

He hints that Latvia is already gone)

I also thought about it, lost the missile in a safe place, and looked at the reaction of the Russians ..... SILENT? NEXT MORE, WILL TEST NEXT

I just do not know what you would say if this rocket fell on your house is not your young daughter. Or at your brother's house. And God forbid that it exploded. I think that Putin would hold you back and all the long-suffering people of Russia would ask you be calm and restrained because after all, all the people are brothers ....

The law of universal gravitation is no longer valid?

Again, the media run "ahead of the engine", fueling unnecessary nervousness. Why did not the missile be destroyed or the antipollution was made?

And you would like to have bridle response missiles? I, for example, are against the war, I have a daughter and an elderly mother, as well as a brother and numerous close and close people who will have to be heavily bombed. Putin can restrain the Third World, which we are forced to do by the West. We are a peaceful people and have always weighed all the pros and cons. It is irrational for us to quarrel at anything that we are trying to provoke. Putin, unlike many rulers, has brains and a soul to feel responsible for the multimillion-strong people of Russia, as well as the experience for the whole of mankind, which will simply die out in the event of war with the use of modern technologies.

Next time, the C-300 on the fighters will be released unintentionally and they will accidentally fall.

Rust was led from the border and Gorbachev said that it was not necessary to shoot down. There was perestroika-catastrophe, there was an order not to aggravate.
You, a crocheted little bird, better go wash up, or your chirps have already gotten.

Rust had already made two arazas after that. A vaunted air defense in place and it works fine.

Yes, he was flying too low))

Little girl, do not confuse the wolf buoy with the tram handle, and Russia 90-x with Russia 2018. Then your idols opened their doors to Russia, and today their warriors suffer from uncontrolled diarrhea from a single mention of Russia.

The problem is that Hitler was not hunting for the USSR ... problems with history?

Chicken-feed, do not inflate. Surely we also have such jambs. What, for every reason to start a war?
We will write a note of protest or something else that is supposed to be there, that's all.

Rust showed where our vaunted air defense landed on Red Square.

Military attacks by NATO countries on other states after the destruction of the USSR must be clearly interpreted as fascism of the 11th century, and general rehearsals for further aggression against independent states in order to enslave them and seize natural resources. And this is the law of imperialism.

Authoritative opinion of a savvy expert on missiles ??

Russia in the south of Estonia? Wash it! And where is Latvia?

Nonsense .. the river went from Tartu to the north and fell into a swamp where the fire began .. and Russia in the south of Estonia .. another fake from Ross media ..

Not only the butterflies, but their children in the same place ..))

No need for proof, this is our life, that indeed prices for everything are rising in Russia and the truth is that US space rockets fly on Russian engines

Kursk was shot down from Peter the Great!

All right, the gas in Georop and the Turks, the US rocket engines, and the collapse of the ruble, the increase in age and VAT + the increase in energy prices and the RUSSIANS.

Do you have any real proof of these words? And if not, shut the tongue in one place, jabber ...

NATO was created with the goal of renewing the enslavement of Russia, which failed to Hitler
Some naive people think that Hitler's "Ost" plan remained in the past. The NATO bloc not only has an absolutely identical plan, but also consistently implements it, slightly changing the terminology ...

NATO: the plan "East 2.0"

Author - Vazgen Avagyan

Some naive people think that Hitler's cannibalistic Ost plan remained in the past, and that modern NATO (the American 4-th Reich) does not have similar developments. This is extremely frivolous, so consider. The modern NATO bloc not only has a plan similar to the "Ost" plan, but also consistently implements it. The final configuration, with the exception of minor details, repeats the Hitler strategy. In essence, the "East-2" of modern NATO has only a slightly modernized version of the "East-1" of NATO's spiritual predecessor, Hitler ...

In the same place where .... "If tomorrow war, if tomorrow is a hike ......"

How could the rocket fall if no one saw it and could not see it?

If it fell from us, it has long been dismantled, we study the internal structure, etc. We need more such flights, we can easily upgrade our own weapons ...

The Spaniard did not badly earn money, on sale of the newest American missile of the Russian Federation?

Guys are not joking. Where is the air defense of Russia? Are you that stupid?

And the air defense system overslept the ROCKET VOTY, hope for the defenders

The rocket air is air, it is in the absence of a target just a blank with a charge. You are far from the realities of the army.

Soglasen tovarich))

The best sprats - Mamonovskie (Kaliningrad) taste can be recalled

At our top all the butterflies are in the west. Therefore, before responding, it will be long and painful to think.

And where is our vaunted air defense? Where are our advertised newest anti-aircraft weapons, which even the air defense units are knocked down? Do NATO exercises near the borders of Russia and no one sees anything? What, are you waiting for the repetition of the Kursk?

So, who goes there to rest? I think - traitors. I've been buying Baltic goods for years, probably 20, I forgot the taste of sprat ...

In the event of a real attack, they will be warned for a week

And that our Russian air defense is silent? Scary Reply in patsanski?

The missile was launched to see how Russia reacts. And Nato (a non-traditional analogue of a terrorist organization) will continue to make provocations, because our leaders are not ready to respond.

The rocket is old and well-known for a long time.

nichtogo did not know that the fighter would launch a rocket, so there was no detecting or knocking down the rocket.

Recruited the Spaniard to the one in the given place fired a rocket. And the Russians now find it and disclose its secrets, so that it is possible, with the help of the rabe, to reject them

Residents of Russia should rejoice: 1. NATO missiles successfully launch and even explode! 2. Such a dull and monotonous life of the inhabitants of Russia was finally diluted by some explosions! It is strange that only one launch was reported, and there were obviously a lot of explosions and fighters. Well, why do ordinary people lie about time? Perhaps in a couple of weeks we will find out that the missiles did not self-destruct, but shot down some peaceful sides ...

All clear. Russian hackers broke a peaceful Spanish fighter

What consequences! Turks won the plane and the pilots were killed! The snot has been wiped out by friends and brothers forever!


Best in the world of aviation