VCS of Russia in Syria


Media: Putin came to Syria for another purpose

Chinese journalists made unexpected conclusions about the presence of Russian troops in Syria.

The Chinese edition of "East Day" has a review of analysts who argue that the real purpose of the presence of Russian troops in Syria is somewhat different from officially stated. In the opinion of experts, in fact, Russia came to Syria only to test its newest weaponry and demonstrate to the West its muscles.

“Russia certainly helped Bashar Assad free the territory of Syria from various types of bandit formations and terrorists, however, apparently, it was not possible to achieve significant progress in three years - about a third of the territory of the Arab Republic continues to be under the control of radical Islamists and terrorists of the group “Islamic State” (ISIS, a terrorist group whose activities are officially banned in Russia - Ed.). There is an assumption that, in addition to helping Assad, Russia is simply testing its weapons and trying to intimidate the West, and is paying much more attention to this. ”, - quotes the experts of the publication "East Day".

Experts pay attention to the fact that recently Russia has been using Syria only as a test site for its newest bombs and missiles, in particular, experts are paying attention to recent tests of the newest cruise missile Su-57 fighter.

"Russia sent its newest planes and helicopters to Syria, but during the last month they were practically inactive, although if desired, the militants could have been suppressed for a long time with powerful air strikes, which recently, are increasingly applied by the Syrian Air Force", - says the publication. analysts disagree with the statement of their Chinese colleagues, because in reality, the legitimate authority of this Arab republic controls the operations in Syria, that is, it is they who approve of attacking the forces of the enemy.

“If necessary, the Russian HQs could well have knocked out militants from Syria for the 2-3 of the month, but the territory of this country has its own legitimate authority, and it is in accordance with its decisions that the strikes are carried out”, - the expert marks.