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Media: Russia sent 80 special forces to Iran

Media reports of the dispatch of Russian special forces to Iran.

Against the backdrop of a very serious military conflict in the Middle East, Russia sent 80 special forces to Iran to ensure the security of Iran’s key military installations. Moscow has not received official data on this score, however, given the appearance of the Iranian Foreign Minister in Russia before missile strikes, experts believe that such information may well be relevant.

“Earlier, the United States and Iran had very unpleasant problems with the“ Iranian nuclear agreement, ”and the United States believes that this affects the vital interests of Americans and requires a new agreement. However, Iran’s decisive refusal also upset the Americans very much, and over time, US sanctions against Iran also intensified. In this case, Iran’s capabilities are very weak, and the second largest force behind Iran made a decisive blow, sending 80 commandos to the central zone of Iran to prevent attacks by the United States. ”- сообщает Sohu Edition.

It should be clarified that a number of experts doubted the plausibility of such information, however, given the fact that Iran is still a Russian military partner, and at the time of the conflict, Russia sent warships to the shores of the Islamic republic, and the sky over this country was scanned by Russian radars, sending to Iran, Russian troops can be quite reliable information.

This is not special forces. The Iranians have their own special forces is not bad. This is a military-technical specialty.
Here they are very useful to Iran. Pairing our technical intelligence tools with Iranian shock and defensive equipment can be very useful for Iranians. If not ALREADY ...


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