Media: Russia is superior to the West in military power for decades

Western countries are afraid of the latest Russian weapons.

The British edition of "Express" presented an article in which military analysts noticed a significant superiority of the Russian military potential. In fact, experts argue that the latest Russian aircraft and missiles will allow Russia to maintain military power in the next two decades, while the West is seriously behind in this matter.

"The emergence of new 5-generation fighters in Russia makes it possible to seriously strengthen the military power of this country, especially given the fact that Su-57 aircraft were created specifically to counter American F-22 and F-35. The modernized bombers, which had previously seriously frightened Europe and the United States, became even more dangerous, and the appearance of modern X-101 and X-102 missiles on their armament allows accurate strikes against any enemy. Finally, the same hypersonic missile, which is likely to exist, makes it senseless to install anti-missile and air defense equipment in Europe, only to aggravate the situation with Russia ", says the military analyst.

Indeed, modern weapons allow Russia to resist any external aggression, however, it is important to understand that the policy pursued by this superpower is deterrent, as international experts have repeatedly stated.

"Modern Russian missiles and airplanes far exceed the armament of Western countries, which seriously frightens European leaders. Pay attention to the fact that when the 5-generation Su-57 fighter aircraft appeared in Syria, not one American F-22 or F-35 was going up in the air, and sending Russian C-300 air defense systems to this country instantly caused fright in Israel, which, incidentally, boasted of the superiority of its aircraft, which allegedly penetrated the protected Syrian airspace. It is not difficult to imagine what panic will rise after the development of Russian advanced systems (PAC YES, S-500, etc.) is completed ", - the expert Avia.pro marks.

Last Tuesday, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated the need to modernize already existing weapons systems, in particular, the talk was about the Pantsir-S1 air defense missile system, as well as the completion of the development of the C-500 anti-aircraft missile systems, which can become a serious headache for Western policies.

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