Syria S-200


Media: Russian military arrested Syrians who killed Il-20, they are waiting for the death penalty

The Syrians, who shot down the Russian EW aircraft, can be sentenced to the highest degree.

Today it became known during the day that the calculation of the Syrian complex S-200, which released an anti-aircraft missile on the Russian Il-20 airplane and destroyed it, was arrested and sent to the remand prison. Given the situation in Syria, the Syrian military can expect the death penalty if the tribunal establishes the wine in this high-profile case.

According to the Chinese news agency Sina, Syrian soldiers were arrested by Russian military and taken into custody. According to preliminary data, we are talking about the calculation of three people, while experts believe that in this case, the military tribunal will not act on the side of the Syrians.

Officially, this information was not confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, but experts are seriously concerned about the arrest of the Syrian military, who actually defended the airspace of the Arab Republic, while the Russian military did not take any measures to ensure the safety of their aircraft, although Israel warned Russian about the planned air strike in 40 minutes (preliminary data provided by the Israeli media - approx. Ed.).


Our then also in the war, but not from friends waiting for a blow in the back. In this case, then you must wet all.

It's clear to the fool that the airplane with the soldiers was escorted to slaughter ... so that the air can be blocked by the rest ... the guys who died from this do not feel better, but apparently only at such a price (not by the way) the Defense Ministry decided to achieve its goals ... well our army can not so carelessly behave in the world arena (did not someone else's aircraft on the radar, did not understand what the enemy is doing?) or our generals really only in Tetris, they can drive

I'm just freaking out how much people cheat on TV. We in Syria are engaged in hostilities. This can not be denied. Our plane carried out combat sortie in the war. Some other party also takes part in hostilities. Israel's pilot is a huge plus for professionalism. They came up, worked, covered themselves from a retaliatory attack by a tucked-in airplane, and all returned to the base. Explain to me: where is the fault of the Israeli pilots. They fought. Ours also fought (not for a walk because they decided to fly) The result we know. Sorry for our guys, condolences ,. But our terrestrial services are to blame for the tragedy.

And another grandmother said that the first will be burned at the stake, the second will be cooked in boiling water, the third, the chief gunner, will be tied to the rocket, so that the next time they start up on the Jews, they steer during the flight

You probably served for a long time!
The army that you were talking about was, but now it's not that army at all. And .. I will not paint you here, that where and how, take my word!

Russia is the same capitalist predator as the other capstrans in Syria. And our military are fighting in Syria for the interests of GAZPROM and nothing more. No ideology, but only selfish interests.

I demand the continuation of the banquet.
Arabs free, reward medals and give an icon

the right to forgive the extreme, only not those

Which 40 minutes, from the warning, until the aircraft was shot down, passed less than a minute, i.e. several tens of seconds. A false article.

With 200, this is not with 500

Of course it is necessary to understand, I'm sure it would be normal in any country leading military actions, investigate this negligence, accident or coincidence is normal, you think it was left indiscriminately in the Great Patriotic War, Syria is also leading a domestic war, so time will tell , Russia's fault may be in this, that it has not yet delivered normal modern complexes

To the point.

Modern capitalist Russia will not agree with anyone under any circumstances. Reason: this hinders the trade in gas with oil and other raw materials. This is counterproductive. If previously the confrontation between Russia and the West was due to different systems, views of the world and morality, religion, attitude to people and countries, now it is just a confrontation of corporations for markets and revenues ... We practically do not differ from the West from the West ... Therefore, there are no particular reasons to fight, if only because of a decrease in corporate income.

Again, we sleep, we wait, we clarify the noem that it, zadolbali already. Syrians won what "accurate" shoot down our aircraft, we urgently need to give them something more powerful, let them shoot on planes with calibers and accidentally sink 3 destroyer. And the noise itself on the same night due to the squint of the navigator tu160 roll out the base of the aiericos in idlib and of course to apologize apologetically they say they've sobered up, nerves and all that, whiskey is impossible, a holiday, but here it was not understood, it had to be warned ... The desire to procorate immediately otshbit .

But on all channels, "Russian weapons are the best in the world !!!" ... The crone ridicules the enemy, in particular the Americans, allegedly their army is backward, the soldiers are weak-homosexual, transgender, afraid of their own shadow, mice. The American technique is made of papier-mache, stupefied, broken, weapons clinch, in the mess and ruin in the army ... Ukraine, Britain, other countries with whom it does not manage to make friends are ridiculed too. But our warriors, the bravest, the strong, the equilibrists, the horse will stop at a gallop , landing without a parachute, battlements on the Kremlin wall-their work- Aikvando, they killed the Dead Sea ... Our technique is the best, Ren-tv buzzed all ears, they say, we almost conquered the universe. Our ships are unsinkable, tanks are invulnerable, missiles are capable of knocking down the ships of evil aliens on approach to the solar system! ) ... I know what is really happening in the Russian army! It's been served. The technician is without engines, they are driven out to the parachute in tow, they will tint to the show of cones, the officers are always drunk, the soldiers are dirty, smelly, laundry, in one form they go for years, sap They are worn down to holes, in the winter they are wrapped up in towels so as not to freeze their feet, they feed them in the dining rooms a hundred years ago with a pearl barley with larvae of flies, cabbage, which they wander here and there with boots! They do not know how to prepare a military one, they can not shoot a demobil. They clean the toilet, yes, they are real warriors. Disgrace !!!! False lies! Hypocrisy! Pokazushniki !!! Corruption in the country, trilliards steal, people are sitting on salary 8-9 thousand rubles! But we feed the whole world. Hell burn!