Media: The Russian missile cruiser almost rammed the historic embankment in Istanbul. Video

A Russian missile ship nearly rammed the Turkish embankment.

Information Edition Defense24 сообщает that the Russian missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov nearly rammed the historic embankment in Istanbul. The reason for this is still unknown, however, the incident appeared on video.

“It is not known what exactly happened when, on January 5, 2019, the large Russian missile cruiser of project 1164, Marshal Ustinov, almost rammed the historic Sarayburnu embankment in Istanbul”, - the publication reports, however, they managed to avoid any state of emergency.

At the same time, a video was published on which you can see that the Russian missile cruiser is indeed accompanied immediately by three tugboats of the Turkish Coast Guard, and given the data of a number of unofficial sources, the cruiser was unable to moor in Istanbul's harbor even after 24 hours.

According to Russian media, the reason for the appearance of the Russian missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov in Istanbul was the provision of the visit of the Russian leader to Turkey, however, given the short visit, this information was questioned, in particular, it was suggested that, in fact, the missile the cruiser was heading to Syria.

Something you're lying on black, this video a couple of days ago showed under the pretext that the cruiser got a hole and was accompanied by Turkish tugs to the place of standing - you are already a determinant of what happened ....


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