Chinese fighter J-20


Media: Chinese fifth-generation fighters have problems

The Chinese fighter of the fifth generation needs technical improvements.

Despite the fact that China has already officially adopted the fifth generation of Chengdu J-20 fighter aircraft, according to information published in the East Day network, the aircraft needs technical improvements, which do not allow it to effectively perform the assigned combat missions. According to some sources, the Chengdu J-20 fighter aircraft during their recent tests failed to complete them successfully, which jeopardizes the entire previously implemented fifth-generation military aircraft program.

What kind of problems it is, still remains unknown, however, experts believe that this can be either a control system or a broken operation of the power plant.

"China is only learning to create military aircraft. This is a whole sphere that is not only associated with the science and strength of engineering thought, but also with experience that, at the moment, only Russia and the US have. Do not try to ridicule China, because this country still quickly created its fifth-generation fighter and adopted it in service, than Russia - a similar problem may well be revealed in Russian planes - where more importantly will China be able to fix it ", - the expert comments.

It is necessary to clarify that the fifth-generation Chinese fighters were already used to intercept aircraft, in particular, not so long ago at the Paracel Islands, the US strategic bomber B-52 "Stratofortress" was intercepted, which points to the fact that the problem with these aircraft is not so critical.

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I think they can fix it anyway. The question is how much time they will need for this and how effectively the problem will be solved. The first prototype Su-27 was completely redesigned. In the case of J-20, a complete redesign will be more expensive much more - the aircraft has already been launched into the series. The fifth generation aircraft developed and
took to the arsenal faster, but in fact it turns out that the aircraft was not properly tested, tested and "brought to mind." Alas. However, F-22 has similar problems.

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