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Reducing the cost of air links with the Crimea

21 March. The good news awaits all lovers of air travel, mainly the category of citizens who often fly to the Crimea. From today, the cost of tickets for flights from Moscow to the Crimean peninsula is reduced by 30 percent.

Russian airlines similarly want to attract more passengers for their flights, however, before the summer season, the holiday is still far enough, but most likely this trend will continue. However, there is one nuance in this - the cost of air travel will be reduced only for those who claim Russian citizenship, and persons who prefer to remain citizens of Ukraine or a stateless person, unfortunately, will not receive such privileges.

At the moment, it can be argued that the reduction in the cost of air tickets will last until 18 April, and as for the future, information about this is not yet available. Starting from today, any citizen of the Russian Federation can make an air flight from Moscow to Simferopol according to the prices set to date.

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