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Filmed from the flight passenger "Belavia" has filed a lawsuit against the authorities in Ukraine

Passenger "Belavia" sued the government of Ukraine.

Earlier news agency has reported that the Ukrainian government under the threat of weapons of war forced the plane Belarusian Airlines "Belavia" to land in the Kiev airport. The very process of returning the aircraft to the airport Juliani was associated with the presence on board of the journalist Armen Martirosyan, in doing so, the Ukrainian authorities did extremely incompetent, stating that in case of disobedience to orders to intercept the aircraft will be sent to the Belarusian fighter jet.

In his lawsuit journalist demands that the authorities of Ukraine a public apology and compensation, but given the fact that the Ukrainian authorities refuse to recognize any kak their illegal actions, it is logical to assume that the claim of the passenger "Belavia" simply do not pay attention.

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