Solar Impulse 2


Solar Impulse 2 needs expensive repairs

Experts evaluated the repair and maintenance of the solar array Solar Impulse 2, at 22 million dollars.

It is this amount that is needed to complete the round-the-world flight, and without the current funds, the mission can be completely broken. At the moment, the aircraft batteries are damaged, and in the absence of proper repair, the aircraft simply can not rise into the air, while experts say that to complete the world mission in the current year will not succeed in any case, but the existing result provides excellent opportunities for improving the design of the aircraft.

The information resource notes that the batteries of the Solar Impulse 2 aircraft were damaged as a result of a long flight across the Pacific Ocean, and the damage is so serious that it can take about six months to eliminate them, which means that there is evidence that a round-the-world flight will resume Possible not earlier than April 2016 year.

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