Aircraft Tu-142 interception


Accompanying the Russian anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142 with American F-18 hit the video

A video of the escort of the Russian anti-submarine Tu-142 by American fighters was published.

The “Trident Juncture” exercise, conducted in 2018, has not been without a series of scandals for NATO. The reason for this was not only the poor quality of military training, frozen helicopters and the ineffective defeat of conventional targets, but also the unexpected appearance of the Russian anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142 near the NATO shipswhat the resource has previously reported.

A video was published on the network, which, according to the source, captured the interception of the Russian Tu-142 aircraft, the one that scared the NATO sailors with their unexpected appearance only kilometers away from 2-3.

On the presented video frames, you can really see that the Russian anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142 flies with the American F-18 fighter jets, however, this is more about escorting than intercepting, which is due at least to the fact that the Russian military aircraft was airspace.

According to the source, the support of the Tu-142 was carried out by two American F-18 fighter jets, from which one was filmed.