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Employees of "UTair" did not admit a disabled teenager into the plane

In Kurgan, a disabled teenager was refused accommodation on board the plane. Representatives of the airline refused to serve the boy because of the plaster on his legs, but a few days later he and his father flew home.

According to the story of the president of the Primorsky society of invalids-spinalists, the incident "Ark" Artem Moiseenko, the incident occurred in Kurgan, where the boy was brought to the operation.

"Utair refused to allow a child with a disability to stand on the plane after a recent surgery and his father. Subsequently, the guy's legs work in a cast, and the company's employees said that he would take too much space in the salon. The teenager suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy syndrome ", says Moiseenko.

According to him, 16-year-old boy and his father waited for three days until the Primorsky Territory social insurance fund purchased their tickets for them home.

The national news agency RIA Novosti reported that the air carrier had already organized the flight of the boy.

"The airline would immediately provide the necessary conditions for the carriage of the boy if at the stage of issuing the ticket it was said that special support for the passenger would be required." Utair has many years of experience in transporting children who need special conditions in flight: every year, ", 2017 transported 165 children and parents", - the airline reported.

The representative of the Primorsky regional department of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation in turn told the RIA Novosti news agency that the Russian legislation provides for paid FSS flights for people with diseases and spinal cord injuries. The other categories of disabled people are paid for by the priority of a lower ticket price - if the train is cheaper to travel, train tickets are paid. In this case, a teenager bought tickets for a train with a designated date, and they are in his hands.

"And he could go home by train. In accordance with the text of the official letter from the hospital, which we received in response to a request for the patient's condition, "the patient can follow the railway transport without harming his health." However, the boy's family insisted that he flew by plane, then we began to look for possible options - and the airline went to meet us, lowering the price of the ticket, - the source of the agency said.

Parents did not warn in advance that the guy's legs do not bend, so he could not take the usual place on the plane.

"After the teenager was not allowed into the plane, we again began to agree on the issue of the flight, and now the boy is already flying home to Vladivostok", - the representative of the fund added.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a genetic disease caused by a breakdown in the structure of the muscle fibers. The prevalence of the disease is 1 to 3,6 - 6 thousand newborn boys. Without medical support, the average life expectancy of the patient is 19 years.