Soviet MiG-37 project will become the sixth generation Russian fighter

Russian designers are developing a sixth generation fighter based on the MiG-37?

A day earlier, the Avia.pro resource reported that in the frame of the TV channel "Star" flashed the layout of the mysterious fighterwho had already been christened the newest Russian fighter of the sixth generation. What kind of combat aircraft in question is still unknown, but analysts have stated the obvious similarities of the mysterious layout with one of the legendary Soviet projects - the MiG-37 fighter.

On video frames you can really see that the mysterious layout for the most part resembles the Soviet project of the MiG-37 fighter, the only exception is perhaps the modified tail section and the more aerodynamic shape. Experts do not exclude that it is on the basis of the Soviet development that a new generation of combat aircraft is being designed, at least, several facts testify to this at once.

“The project of the Soviet MiG-37 fighter is indeed considered one of the most mysterious in the history of the domestic military aircraft industry. It is possible that developers can only have a mock-up of a Soviet aircraft, but given the fact that the mock-up is in the same row as the most advanced fighter aircraft, it can be assumed that the MiG-37, at least its base, is the future Russian fighter sixth generation ", - emphasizes the specialist.

And they regard the model of a hypothetical aircraft from Zvezda LLC as a “newest” development ?! NDA, condolence! The model, by the way, is old.


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