Air Asia crash


Rescuers did not manage to lift the fuselage of the air company "Air Asia"

The second attempt to raise the fuselage of the disaster victim Airbus A320 failed.

Despite the lack of favorable weather, the operation to lift the fuselage of the passenger aircraft of the airline “Air Asia” continued this morning, but it was not possible to raise the aircraft’s fuselage to the surface from the day of the Java Sea. According to preliminary information, the main problem for lifting the aircraft's fuselage was the waves causing stylish rolling, as a result of which it was decided to temporarily stop the operation, but experts do not rule out the possibility that the operation will continue if the weather conditions improve.

At present, the causes of the crash are unknown, but experts managed to bring to the surface already 2 "black box", which in the near future can explain the causes of the crash of an aircraft with 162 people on board.