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Rescuers could not raise Airbus A320 tail from the bottom of the Java Sea

The first attempt to lift the tail section of the crashed 28 in December of the airliner of the company “Air Asia” was not crowned with success.

As it became known, was today morning made an attempt to lift the tail section, found at the bottom of the Java Sea, but was unable to do so because of technical problems. According to some reports, the fuselage of the aircraft is too much stuck in the muddy bottom, and that is why the rise had been temporarily shelved.

It is also possible that the black boxes will have to be extracted by the diver directly under the water, but this will be possible only after it is established that lifting the tail section of the aircraft is impossible.

Recall that there are now several versions of the basic crash passenger airliner «Air Asia» with 162 people on board, but to decrypt the data with the "black boxes", the final statements are not voiced.