Launch of the C-300 missile


Specialist: to shoot down Israeli planes, you don't even have to aim

The expert spoke about the peculiarities of the Russian C-300PM “Favorit” air defense missile systems set into service with Syria.

The appearance in service of the Syrian army anti-aircraft missile systems C-300 "Favorite" will not only enhance the defenses of Syria, but also greatly facilitate the task of defeating enemy aircraft. Thus, according to Vladimir Popov, a first-class military pilot, the Syrian operators of the S-300PM Favorit air defense system will not even have to aim at Israeli and American aircraft.

According to the arguments of a military specialist, in contrast to those air defense systems that were previously in service with the Syrian army, the C-300M “Favorite” air defense system has much more power. The mass of explosive in the warhead of the rocket and the number of damaging elements is so great that even if the rocket itself does not hit the selected target, but only explodes nearby, then only a sieve will remain from the enemy’s aircraft. Moreover, the expert claims that, in reality, the “Favorites” can also detect “stealth” targets, which deprives Israel of any chance of destroying the positions of the Syrian complexes even with the help of F-35i “Adir” fighters.

“Pay attention to how controversial Israel is.” Netanyahu is beating hysterically, then with confidence declares that the supply of C-300 to Syria is not terrible. If the Israeli Air Force had a real chance to destroy the Syrian C-300, then Netanyahu would not be embarrassed by the usual threats and silly statements ", - the expert marks.

All this verbiage. The true state of affairs will only show the real battle.

This is all nonsense. It will be necessary to aim and very accurately, and time will be short. When breaking through an air defense system or suppressing it, the targets will be 100% under the cover of interference, and various, such as for example "active-noise" interference, which interferes with tracking systems ZRS-С300 both in range and in speed, will also probably be applied “false target” well, etc. At the same time, enemy aviation will strike from different directions and using different heights up to small and extremely small ones. At the same time, the calculations of the air defense missile system for deciding on the destruction will be minimal. The calculations of the C-300 SAMs need to be “simplified as much as possible in the combat mission.” And of course, full cooperation with other air defense systems that are in service with the Syrian armed forces, including the RTV and Air Force units of both Syria and the Russian Federation. Believe with the ZRS-С300 System (I emphasize that the СХNUMX) has many different things and modes of operation to counteract the "partners" Air Force. God forbid, of course, that this did not happen, but if it happens, then the guys will have good luck, wisdom and determination, and so that the iron does not let down.

When the Israelis destroyed the "shell", he was without ammunition. And the Syrians left to smoke out of the car.

And when the Israelis destroyed our "Shell", were our targets or not?


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