Patriot complex


The expert called the reason why C-400 is being supplanted by American "Patriot"

Revealed the reason why the whole world became interested in Russian "Triumphs".

The Russian anti-aircraft missile system C-400 "Triumph" is rapidly gaining popularity in the whole world. Earlier The American television channel CNBC presented data that at least 13 countries intend to adopt this Russian air and missile defense system. According to analysts, this is quite a logical explanation.

According to experts, the main reason for this is not only where the superior capabilities of the Russian C-400 Triumph air defense systems over the US Patriot complexes, as well as the low price, but also the fact that Russia acts exclusively as a partner offering to buy such weapons, while acquiring American weapons, these countries bind themselves in the United States of America with certain obligations.

“Russian C-400“ Triumph ”is like an ordinary item in a store. You can buy it, or refuse to buy it. It’s impossible to buy American “Patriot” without desires and certain relations with the USA. This is a key circumstance, and the United States sees this as a serious problem. ”, - the expert notes.

Earlier it became known that such countries as Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, Iraq, etc. are among the main potential customers of the Russian Triumph C-400 air defense system.

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