Israeli Air Force


Specialist: disgraced Israel will bomb Assad

Military analysts believe that Israel is preparing for a military conflict with Syria.

Against the backdrop of how the Syrian government troops actively supported by the Russian Air Force, quickly liberated areas near the borders of Jordan and Syria, hundreds destroyed militants and even their positions with the ground, the night before, Israel made another attempt to attack the troops of Bashar Assad by carrying out a raid on the airbase T4.

In an attempt to inflict air strikes on positions of the Syrian government forces and destroy combat aircraft and helicopters that are participating in a special operation in the south-west of the Arab Republic, Syrian S-200 SAM killed one of Israeli aircraft, which is confirmed by state Syrian media, and although some Evidence for this was not provided, analysts believe that Israel's repulsed air attack, now will be the reason for the Israeli invasion of Syria.

"Israel is categorically against the current Syrian government, and restoring peace in the territory of the Arab Republic is not at all part of the plans of this country. Obviously, the Israeli plane, killed by Syria, disgraced Israel, which will be the reason for new air strikes, especially since the offensive operation on the western borders of Syria will seriously slow down, as Israel declared its readiness to destroy any military aircraft at its borders ", - said the analyst

"Appear in the arsenal of Syria complexes S-300, Israeli air strikes probably would have become extremely rare, but, quite unexpectedly, Russia refused to supply this weapon to the Arab Republic", - the expert emphasized.