Specialist: The United States should think twice before trying to compete with Russian VCS

The Russian military security services for two weeks dispelled US propaganda.

The United States of America relatively recently claimed that NATO is the most powerful military bloc on the planet, possessing incomparably greater power than Russia, however, only two weeks the Russian airborne forces were able to prove with their air strikes in Syria that the statement of Washington is just another propaganda that has nothing in common with reality.

The expert drew attention to the fact that the territories in the south-west of the Syrian Arab Republic, which in the opinion of the United States, the West and Israel were considered impregnable, were quickly beaten off by the militants, who initially tried to resist, after massive air strikes of the Russian air forces. about a thousand air strikes were inflicted on Syria for a week, they agreed to surrender the weapons supplied by the US to counter Bashar Assad’s army.

The fragmentary map of Syria, shown on the left, shows the balance of power in the southwest of the Arab Republic on 17 June 2018. As you can see, most of the territory is under the control of militants opposing the current government of Syria (shown on the map in green - approx. Ed.), But from the moment of the offensive operation that started on the territory several days later, it is clear that on the map fragment on the right ( 10 July 2018 of the year), the government forces of Syria (on the map are shown in red - Ed.) Managed to win back the positions of the militants, some of which were destroyed, and some surrendered.

"Russian VKS buried the hopes of the militants that the operation in the south-west of Syria will be interrupted due to the built up of a powerful defense, which, in fact, was swept away by Russian fighters and bombers. The next time the Pentagon decides that the Russian military aircraft are weak, the military command of this country has yet to think again ", - said military analyst