Tatarstan Airlines Property Valuation


Experts estimated the property of the airline "Tatarstan" in 90.8 million rubles

The property of the airline "Tatarstan" is estimated at more than 90 million rubles.

According to the conducted inventory of the property of a bankrupt air carrier, it was found that the total amount of it is 90.8 million rubles, while the amount claimed by the creditors approached the value of 2.5 billion rubles. At the same time, experts note that the real market value of the seized property may be about 80 million rubles, and when the circumstances are finally clarified, the first auction of the property sale will take place.

It should be recalled that the airline "Tatarstan"Was declared bankrupt last year, almost immediately after The plane crash in Kazan with the participation of a Boeing 737 aircraft.