Complex C-500 missile launch


Experts told how much will cost the S-500 SAM

Experts estimated the cost of the C-500 complex Prometey.

Promising S-500 air defense missile system "Prometey", which claims to be the most long-range air defense system in the world (the proposed range of the S-500 "Prometheus" air defense system is 600 kilometers - note ed.), Can be incredibly expensive. Considering the fact that for today the cost of one division of the ZRKS-400 "Triumph" is about 500 million dollars, and according to data presented in a number of sources ("Sina", "Express"), the price of the C-500 "Prometey" will be higher in 4-5 times, it is logical to assume that the cost of one division will be about 2 - 2,5 billion dollars.

Earlier, China had already stated that the high cost of the Russian S-500 SAM system "Prometey" is extremely high, while compared to the C-400 Triumph air defense system, this complex will have insignificant advantages - an exception will be only a unique opportunity to destroy ballistic missiles. Against this background, the PRC is unlikely to want to acquire the newest Russian complex C-500 "Prometheus".

On the other hand, experts compared the capabilities of the latest Russian air defense system and the American missile defense system "THAAD". With relatively limited capabilities, the US system "THAAD" and the cost of almost 3 billion dollars (taking into account the radar - ed.), The Russian C-500 complex will still be 1,5 cheaper, especially since this The air defense system can intercept missiles moving at hypersonic speed, about which the resource already reported.

* С-500 "Prometheus" is a Russian anti-aircraft missile system of a new generation intended for the destruction of aircraft and ballistic missiles.

C-500 - this is a futile complex! Who needs it! Who is currently threatened by BR? Only India and China (it is clear that no one will bomb Turkey with warheads). China has already said that it does not need it, there remains India, which will knock down the price tag.

2 lard is very expensive !!! At least one. Disassemble for what 2 something? For the modernized with-400 on the fact ???


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