List of Aviachamps


List of aviachams led by Victoria Lopyreva

Victoria Lopyreva topped the list of aviakhamav rating of a public project.

According to the rating of the public project "Tipun", Victoria Lopyreva "deserved" the first place in a kind of top-15 airplanes of Russia. The second place was taken by Alexander Emelianenko, who not only consumed alcohol on the plane in large quantities, but also smoked, got involved in disputes with the crew of the aircraft, etc. Finally, the third place in the rating of air hubs was received by none other than deputy Andrei Isaev, whose assistant not only rudely behaved aboard the aircraft, but also threatened the crew, while the deputy himself waved his identity, for which he was dispatched From an airplane.

Among other things, such top celebrities as Zemfira, Leonid Yakubovich, Ksenia Sobchak, Gerard Depardieu, etc., also got to the top-15 rating of airhomes.