Satellites recorded a Tu-95 strategic bomber without part of the wings at the air base of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Saratov

A Tu-95 bomber without wings was found at the air base of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Saratov.

Foreign reconnaissance satellites took photographs of the Russian military airfield "Engels-2", on the territory of which a Tu-95 strategic bomber-missile carrier was spotted, which, for unknown reasons, is missing parts of the wings.

A satellite image taken after the Dec. 5, when a Russian military airfield was attacked by a Ukrainian drone, shows a nearby Tu-95 strategic bomber missing a significant portion of its wings. The circumstances of this have not yet been disclosed, since no official statements have been made in this regard. However, quite remarkably, this is not related to the attack, as earlier satellite imagery also lacked wing elements from this bomber.

On satellite images, you can see that all four engines of the Russian strategic bomber are present. However, the remaining parts of the wings are removed for unknown reasons, although the aircraft itself does not have any other visible damage or defects.


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