Interception aircraft


Immediately three military aircraft staged a provocation near Kaliningrad

Three NATO aircraft conducted reconnaissance at the borders of Russia

On March 14, three reconnaissance aircraft were seen near the borders of the Kaliningrad Region. According to “Plane Radar, this happened in 13: Moscow time 00. Two aircraft were American, one - Swedish.

Over the territory of Poland, along the Russian border, at a speed of 730 kilometers per hour, at an altitude of 8,5 kilometers, the US Navy anti-aircraft Poseidon flew. His tail number is 168848.

Also, near the Russian border, at an altitude of 9,6 kilometer, at a speed of 807,5 kilometers per hour, an electronic reconnaissance aircraft of the USAF-RC-135V Rivet Joint flew. Its tail number is 64-14845. This plane took off from Mildenhall airbase (UK).

The reconnaissance aircraft of the Swedish Air Force Gulfstream GIV SP (tail number - 102002) near the Kaliningrad region appeared at the same time. With a speed of 818 kilometers per hour, he flew over the Baltic Sea at an altitude of 12,5 kilometers.

It was noted that recently flights of foreign reconnaissance aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles of the Russian borders and at Russian military facilities located abroad have become more active. Scouts constantly fly over the Baltic Sea, near the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory, as well as close to Russian military bases in Syria.

In 2018, the units of the radio engineering troops of the Russian VKS were found and accompanied by more than 980 aircraft and drones.

We do not have bases nearby to fly near America .. It was necessary not to leave Cuba !!!

And if we start flying on the borders of the United States on 3 planes - this is a provocation?

Well, let our fly along the American borders. What is the problem? (or is there a problem ...)

What is this "provocation", something is broken? As a "forcing situation" can still be estimated, nothing more. Routine work of the parties.


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