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Urgent: passenger plane crashed in Indonesia

A passenger plane crashed in Indonesia today.

The passenger airliner Boeing 737, owned by the airline "Lion Air", flying from Jakarta to Pankalpinang, crashed a few kilometers from the coast. On board the passenger aircraft were 188 people, the fate of which so far remains unknown.

According to, the passenger plane Boeing 737-800 took off from Jakarta International Airport around midnight, but the crew almost immediately after climbing climbed the possibility of making a forced landing. After receiving the appropriate permission, the crew began to deploy the passenger aircraft, but suddenly the connection with the pilots disappeared, and the aircraft itself disappeared from the air traffic controllers' radars.

What exactly caused the crash, so far remains unknown, but experts believe that we are talking mainly about technical malfunction, in particular, discusses the failure of one of the engines, which, however, still have to figure out the experts.

At the moment, it is known that rescuers found fragments of a passenger airliner off the west coast of the Indonesian island of Java. According to experts, the likelihood that someone on board could survive is extremely small.

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