Urgent: Su-27 fighter crashed in Ukraine

Ukraine lost another combat fighter.

The crash this afternoon occurred on the territory of the Zhytomyr region during a scheduled flight. As it became known to, the fourth-generation fighter Su-27 carried out a planned overflight of the territory, but when approaching the plane quickly began to lose traction and crashed - the pilot of the Ukrainian Air Force died on board the combat fighter

The press service of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine refused to disclose any details, stressing only the death of the pilot

“The pilot died. The circumstances and causes of the incident are being investigated. ”, - said in a statement.

We are talking about the second Ukrainian fighter Su-27 lost since the beginning of the year - earlier, during international military maneuvers in Ukraine, another fighter crashed, killing two pilots aboard.

Experts do not exclude that the fault could be poor maintenance, due to the sharp reduction in funds allocated from the budget for the needs of the Air Force of Ukraine.

According to analysts, the flight of the Ukrainian Su-27 could be associated with the declared martial law on the territory of the country.

Ukrainian airplanes shit up.

There is no money, there is no maintenance. It is not surprising that in order to be a pilot on Ukrainian aircraft you need to be a kamikaze and fly purely on the lucky side.)

In Russian it will be correct "in Ukraine".
"In Ukraine" is in Ukrainian.
That's it.