Bomber B-21


US: B-21 bomber will change the military balance on the planet

The United States is preparing to change the military balance of power on the planet.

The US-introduced strategic bomber B-1 allowed the Pentagon to deliver effective strikes against enemy positions, which gave the air forces of this country an indisputable advantage. Despite the fact that these aircraft were operated by the United States of America relatively recently, in particular, its first application was received by the aircraft in 1998, to date it does not satisfy all the basic needs, and in the near future it can be replaced by a unique bomber B- 21, which, according to experts, will also allow to change the military balance of forces on the whole planet.

The emergence of the American strategic bomber B-21 is expected in the middle of the next decade, and the plane, in fact, will be able to replace all the B-1 bombers in service with the United States of America.

"After enough B-21 aircraft have been put into operation, B-1 bombers will be gradually phased out. The exact dates of this have not yet been established ", - the press-secretary of the Air Forces has declared.

B-21 bombers will be significantly superior to B-1 aircraft in their capabilities, which will be expressed primarily by using more sophisticated avionics, aiming systems, engines and weapons.

Independent experts are more skeptical of the statements of American experts, believing that in essence, the funds invested in the creation of a new aircraft could allow upgrading existing B-1 bombers.

“It cannot be ruled out that the American B-21 bombers will have to become an instrument of influence on Russia, but by this time period, modern PAK DA can already appear in the Russian VKS, that is, Russia will once again be ahead of the US military potential ", - said the expert.

* B-21 - the project of the American heavy bomber, developed by the company "Northrop Grumman".

)))) TWO WITH HALF A billion a piece. The cost of a modern submarine missile carrier. It's already funny.


Russia and the US compete in the Wunderwolves ??? It's all a garbage - in case of a real military conflict, most of the planes will not even rise, because the attacks of nuclear weapons will be applied to all bases and the largest military facilities. The one who missiles will intercept and counterattack will win, instead of boasting the prodigy