Anti-aircraft missile launch


USA and Israel: Russia deceived us with the supply of C-300 to Syria.

The United States and Israel have uncovered the “deception” of Russia, which has installed C-300 in Syria.

According to the Israeli portal DEBKA, to date, the Syrian air defense system has undergone a number of significant improvements to effectively hit virtually any air targets. However, the newest Syrian air defense systems will temporarily be controlled by the Iranian and not the Syrian military.

According to the publication "DEBKA", at the moment the Armed Forces of Syria do not have qualified specialists able to control the systems of the C-300 "Favorite" anti-aircraft missile systems. The Russian specialists decided to train the ZRK operators, however, due to the fact that it would take about three months, in fact, their own specialists in the Syrian army will appear only in the 2019 year, the Iranian military will manage the Syrian C-300 Favorite.

According to American and Israeli military analysts, Russia deliberately took a similar step in order to give the Iranian military the right to independently destroy Israeli and American planes attacking their positions and military facilities in Syria.

Today, Syria has 28 mobile C-300 “Favorit” anti-aircraft missile systems, which allows the Syrian military to repel even large-scale air attacks.

Is the US friendly to Russia? The joke of the day.

The most interesting thing is that Russia, as always, is attacking the rake, defending the interests of a small group, namely, the military-industrial one, it spits the interests of Russia, and the interests of Russia, on the contrary, are friends with countries that have high technologies and who can help in the development of the country, and this is the USA AND ISRAEL be friendly and Putin is now no longer the fate of these countries, so now he is against them, which means he only thinks about his well-being, but not as Russia

)) Naive !! Until the Syrian military manages to learn, the C300 system set up will destroy any object in the air that did not respond correctly to the "friend or foe" system - in AUTOMATIC mode, no operators are needed for this system if a new generation control system is used. And so that the Invisibles do not fly - С400 and А50 - they will qualitatively “highlight” the targets, so that the Iranian military is not needed there at all .. The degree of automation reached 100 percent ...

I wonder how you can "deceive" those who, in violation of all UN resolutions, are bombing the territory of a foreign state?
they are not "deceived." they just put in place.

Where are you from Moysha?

Oh, wei! Offended and deceived! And who, two orphans, a Jew and Pindos! How scary to live ...

Is there nothing to do at the collective farm or has the whole illiterate trash gathered here from boredom? You, like the Syrians, are not that the air defense system, even a stick in your hands is scary to give, stupid aggressive cattle, you can't even read the instructions. So they are recruiting the Syrian C-300 who is smarter. Iranians.

Yes, there will be nothing. Just like a downed Russian plane. To start a serious action you need a serious conflict. Take it easy. Israel here is not the navel of the earth.

Well explained everything about the situation - "С300 shoots at F16", now tell me about - "F16 shoots at С300"

In general, SWIFT appeared in the Russian Federation at the end of that century, before it was done without it. This is a bank transfer system and convenient for banks. Longer translations will take place, that's all. By itself, the global banking system is extremely interesting.

Douz, America’s button is very big, they and Israel fit everything under this button! And the planes are invisible along the road with braids standing. And silence!!!

If Putin’s regime falls, it will mean only one thing - the total end of your Jewish power. Therefore, sit on the priest level and pray to your Yahweh that this would not happen. If this happens, it will be even more than in the time of Uncle Adik. Some who probably will not have time to pack a suitcase! If the Ukrainian Maidan is just a performance, then in Russia there will be a new world revolution with such a leader at the head that some fools never dreamed of!

the evil bearer about any such "bloody" deeds you slander? everything is quiet and peaceful here. in the evenings, people walk, rest in a cafe cinema and others. I watched the report in Pendosia — the empty streets of the TROTOURS are not even !!! The cops are drenching everyone and everywhere. For discounted products, they are ready to kill each other. Do not choke the envious person.

But it’s time for a long time to shoot down .. and it will be interesting to see how many days the project "Israel" will disappear

What prevented to disconnect Russia from SWIFT before? Spread your brains, if you have them! You are overplayed strongly, and the proctologist is not far away)

but the fact that our VKS in Syria has С400 !!! So they highlight the goals of stealth, and C300 them shot down))) HERE AND CHIP)))

Anna, according to open sources, there are various modifications of C-300, with different characteristics.
This is how to compare the VAZ-2107 1972 and 2009 year of release.

The point is that in Ukraine, the C-300 systems, the first 78, are the very first with the 75-78 km range, they were created to stupidly bring down the missile squall on the enemy's heap planes. Those C-300, which are now in Syria, are modernized much more complex air defense missile systems. I must say that C-300 is not only ground-based, and in general there are about 3-4 species.

There is no deception, it is an operational need to quickly solve the problem with the closure of the sky.

Pepper, if what you write here happens, then chaos will begin in Russia (“in Raschka”), and chaos, when we have a nuclear suitcase in our pocket, is not needed by anyone. Therefore, no one, nobody will disconnect from anything. The accounts (which were left to be seen on purpose, the oligarchs are far from fools, show only what they want) maybe everything else is your sick fantasies. We would like to have it turned off for a long time, right after Kryma. And they understand it from both sides, so it’s quieter. This is a theater, and on both sides.

Let the system be controlled though the BEARS lizhby was the result

Oh my God! Jews and amerikosov cheated! If anyone deceives the whole world, then this is the United States, Britain and their sixes. Apparently well, I really want to bomb the territory of the sovereign state of Syria, but cowardice, as always, takes over. One thing remains - information bombing, which they do.

Cheated :)
They said they'd hit the face, but instead they kicked the balls :)

You will not wait, naive, argue as a European! The staff members shake down straight, they only fought out warriors. It's time to show who's boss!

I have been working at an industrial enterprise for more than twenty years, and factories are being built and expanded around. There, where plants are closed. But to say that there is no industry in Russia is a lie. Change your training manual, John.

You, my friend, not pepper, you - the peas. Green.

And what's the trick? If in the United States, testing their combat readiness, the United States and Israel rendered a verdict that their C-300 aircraft are not threatened. So what difference does it make who works on these systems? It seems like you can not catch them!

An insignificant man, do not choke on malice!

Everyone already doesn’t care about these sanctions, so Pepper stick your pepper in your ass.

Some kind of rogue people are sitting around and talking nonsense: in Russia everything is on deception ... What deception? To whom is she guilty? And with Syria, everything is simple: do not go to another's sky. And no one will shoot you down. Neither Russian, nor Iranian, nor Syrian, nor Mongolian air defense systems. This is when Assad fired Tomogavkami in Florida? Or Tel Aviv? Or in London?

If their capabilities were superior to ours, they would have already smeared us along the wall a long time ago. But! The gut is thin. So calm down.

fame you are right on all 200 percent of an impudent person understands only a blow to the teeth. He quickly brings him to life and makes it to negotiate. Although the agreement with America and five kopecks is not worth it as they feel that Russia has weakened or something steeper appear than we do not care, they wanted all the agreements

The first shot down Israeli aircraft will mark the end of the bloody Putin regime. The United States and Europe will block all accounts of Putin’s oligarchs, disconnect Russian banks from SWIFT. Raska is not the USSR, not industry, nothing of its own. The end will be pathetic. And all the bum-patriots are the first to cast ashes the duck with the dead eggs of their idol.

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Well, that's okay. Now you can freely destroy all Syrian с300.

Russia, unlike some, makes all the steps consciously. The monkey makes unconscious steps, and if it has a grenade at that, the consequences are very harsh. Sometimes you have to shoot a monkey.

and right

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Judging by the disgruntled whining of the “Russians” their Israel news is good

I think that now America and Israel will fundamentally do everything to disgrace our complexes. And they have great opportunities. In addition, the Arabs will probably sell the complex one to Israel.

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You will first understand, all the same, "Triumph" or "Favorite."
Although C-300 and C-400 are practically the same complex, the names are different.

Whoo, what a treacherous Russia! All "deceived", and at once two times. The first is when everyone decided that the operators would be Russian, and then it turned out to be Iranian. And the second - everyone decided that Iranian, and in fact Russian))

Yeah .. wai from Russia h m about.

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I'm afraid my country, Russia, will not be able to shoot down Israeli planes with these complexes and will be disgraced. Now America and Israel will do everything to disgrace our complexes. And they have very big opportunities.

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There are a lot of airplanes in Russia, as well as pilots ..... The trouble is that there are many RUSSIAN Jews in Israel ..... They left for the promised sweets, but they can't go back ......

It's cool that such “specialists” on anti-aircraft systems have gathered here, the hard hand from the territory of the chickens is immediately felt. Particularly pleased with the extraordinary “wisdom” in the spirit of all “thinkers” with forks.

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Sell ​​the computer and cut off the Internet, dear. Secure yourself for a long time! And what, “Utin” is not at the expense of Russia should send weapons, but for yours, foreign ones. But to you, svabodaaa is more important than security and law. Chew, do not choke.

"Deceives," gave promises. What kind of promises in Syria RF gave to whom? Especially lousy Pindos ??? We want to put the Koreans in kung S-300 and ask no one (except Assad, of course) And in general, what promises to those who promised not to expand NATO and not accept new members there?

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When the trees were big I served in the Air Defense on C-200.
In C-200, the probability of hitting 80% This is due to the fact that the aircraft can make an anti-missile maneuver. Therefore, the targets for the rules always fired 2-me missiles, increasing the likelihood to 96%
For particularly important targets, the launch was carried out with 3 rockets, increasing the likelihood of hitting almost to 100%
At the same time, the launch of the missiles was made with a delay of approximately 5 seconds, so that the plane leaving the anti-missile maneuver from one missile would still fall under the other.

In C-300, the probability of hitting is higher (as far as I don’t know), but the principle of shooting is probably the same.
Therefore, you can shoot down almost any target.
Another issue is the means of electronic warfare.
The Syrians fired C-27 missiles at Israeli 200 aircraft, but most likely fired at the interferences. Well, our plane got caught.
The C-300 EW means others, such a slip is impossible.

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Do not take Russia to extremes and do not try to corner it, otherwise those who do it without eyes will be.

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Yes, there 8 complexes put and the rest all the dummies. Raska will not risk his weapon and reputation, and the fire on Jewish planes will be fought with C-400 systems.

Damn, you wanted Russia to not deceive. Yes, everything is based on deception - Russia and deception are synonymous terms. I am more confident that the Syrian X-300 will be completely ruled by Russian military men. See for yourself - c-300 and c-400 integrated systems, in fact, can be controlled by all C-300 start-ups from the same Hmimim. 100 to 1 that Russia will shoot down any Israeli or American plane itself, having paid off Syria.