Ministry of Defense of Great Britain


US and UK require the UN to ban hypersonic missiles

Britain joined the US requirements to ban hypersonic weapons.

Britain, together with the United States, intends to demand from the UN a complete ban on the use of hypersonic weapons. The official reason for this was the statement that it is impossible to defend against such weapons, however, according to experts, in this way two countries with high influence in the world are trying to deprive Russia of the right to use their latest developments, which, by the way, can easily destroy UK and US.

“We do not have any protection that could withstand this type of weapon against the United States. Let me remind you that Russia and China continue their research in the field of hypersonic capabilities "- said the general strategic command of the US Armed Forces John Heiten.

“Such steps should take into account regional challenges in the field of nuclear safety, as well as technical developments, including in the field of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and the so-called hypersonic weapon, which can be used to attack at unprecedented speeds”- UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed a few weeks ago.

Further, as the publication of the Free Press notes, the United Kingdom joined the representatives of the United States and the United Nations.

“At the symposium of the Strategic Command of the US Armed Forces in Nebraska, the representative of the British Navy Paul Berkan said that the British military are closely watching what progress Russia has made in the field of hypersonic weapons. Both scientists and designers of Albion are not even able to get closer to the achievements of their Russian colleagues. And therefore, said Berkan, any hypersonic armament must "be governed by international rules and regulations", - the edition marks.

On the other hand, even if the UN adopts a position against the use of hypersonic armament, this does not mean that Russia will go the same way, since the UN decision will be a recommendation and, therefore, will not have any power.

BGGG ... Well, they can demand a lot of things and a lot of places, they can even apply to the League for the Protection of Sexual Minorities.
But seriously? Yes, no question - let's ban hypersonic rockets, BUT and aircraft carriers, for example SIMULTANEOUSLY. Although what I’m talking about - let them use, can quickly go busting driving their huge floating targets around the world

that's just the Union did not fall apart! More than 80% of Union citizens voted for the Union. And the 11 republics were shocked by the betrayal of the drunkard who dreamed of reigning with the help of the CIA.

I would demand from the UN to limit the number of military bases outside the borders of their state, the number of aircraft carriers, the deployment of bacteriological laboratories outside their territory and limit the maximum military budgets ...

And the fact that the United States themselves have developed such missiles do not count? If they had succeeded, they would not have arisen and would have risen howls of threats in the direction of Russia, moreover, the military use of intimidation would begin

And what, remove your NATO from our borders as far as 1000 km away and there will be no problems !?

Of course ban in response to the elimination of all pendosovskih bases in the world

Let them prohibit for themselves what they want! Russia is a sovereign, independent country and on its territory creates what it needs, wants and places where it wants. And if the Anglo-Saxons do not quit, they will get the full extent of democratic laws on the neck.

... well, that shares the concerns of Gutteresh, then let him demand that the Americans are certified by the entire code, the President and all chambers of Congress - the list of potentially ready-to-use weapons and their genitals, if it is not drained, guarantees status quo. Then Russia will weigh everything, check the availability of items for collateral, and then only, maybe, it will start to think about the answer. The above designated representatives of the countries of the petitioners will not be trusted in any kind of obligations, even the Moldovan market Roma !!! To them, the aforementioned, in the henchmen of Copperfield, would not go anywhere !!! And to trust in such a matter — well, sheer stupidity — except for Gorbachev, perhaps !!

... in a week or two they will demand from Russia to close the Ministry of Defense and the Gen. Headquarters and give the keys to the American embassy for storage !! Something in geezer went to the dressing at all !!!!

Anglo-Saxon scum is necessary to push in all directions, but for this we must not build nuclear power plants in Turkey and Egypt for crazy 50t billion dollars, but to invest in the development of the real sector of the economy of our Motherland - Russia

Suppose that hypersonic weapons are prohibited. And what will happen next? There is, for example, a convention banning cluster munitions. This does not prohibit their use for our country, as well as for the United States and China.
Well, these stupid Anglo-Saxons with the Americans ...

They try to ban everything that lags behind, but they do not agree to restrictions where they have superiority. Let the United States and Great Britain destroy all their aircraft carriers ... But they will not agree to this. Then they went ...

Are you talking about the USSR? So he completely collapsed!

"Only friendship with him can be worse than enmity with Anglo-Saxon." General Edrikhin.

... cunning to the Anglo-Saxons and the Americans, I remind you: phosphorus bombs were also banned, but in fact the US uses them (... when they need ...!) and give them “free of charge” to their dill vassals who used them in the Donbass against their citizens - women, children, old people ...! Russian Depth!

In my opinion, at the beginning of the last century, the British tried to ban submarines because they threatened only their fleet, a century passed, and the Anglo-Saxons did not learn anything, they made one empire a second-class country, following on the way.