USA: MiG-21 fighter is one of the best military aircraft of all time

The American media have named the five best fighters of all time.

US military analysts appreciated the contribution of scientists and engineers to the development of military aircraft, against which five best fighters of all time were named. When assessing aircraft, not only their technical characteristics and functional capabilities were taken into account, but also parameters such as survival, effectiveness of air combat, etc. As it turned out, one of the best was the Soviet MiG-21 fighter, which proved itself well during the Vietnam War , where, when meeting with American aircraft, deprived them of the chances of victory in aerial combat.

"The Soviet MiG-21 fighter became a real nightmare for American pilots during the Vietnam War. The appearance of these aircraft in the air made it possible to predict with probability in 99% that the air battle of the US Air Force was lost. His combat effectiveness was simply horrifying ", - the expert informs.

Subsequently, MiG-21 fighters were actively used in a number of Middle Eastern wars, but due to the appearance of fundamentally new aircraft, the effectiveness of the Soviet fighter gradually came to naught, although these planes still continue to be used by a number of countries (Angola, Vietnam, Egypt, Syria, North Korea, etc.).

According to American experts, the Soviet MiG-21 fighter is inferior in the ranking only to such aircraft as:

  • SPAD S.XIII - French biplane of the First World War.
  • Grumman F6F Hellcat - American deck fighter of the Second World War;
  • Messerschmitt Me 262 - German fighter of the Second World War. The first aircraft equipped with a jet engine.

Following the Soviet MiG-21, the American F-15 fighter, which, although considered one of the best, could not bypass a number of parameters of the Soviet aircraft.

* MiG-21 - lightweight Soviet supersonic fighter of the second generation, developed in the 50-ies of the last century.