Armata tank


USA: Israeli Merkava wins Russian Armata

In terms of environmental awareness and sensor efficiency, the Israeli Merkava tank is clearly superior to the Russian T-14, but sensors are a weak spot for all types of tanks. Electro-optical devices and cameras in comparison with previous optical systems are just as vulnerable. Optics will always be a problematic place for combat vehicles, including for the T-14.

Who is stronger: tank "Merkava" or tank T-14 "Armata"?

If we compare the T-14 “Armat” tank with the Israeli tank, then it is worth highlighting the presence of its new, more advanced protection systems. And they are even more advanced than the Merkava. Besides, his tower is uninhabited.

In addition, the Russian tank is notable for its impressive mobility, and it is more maneuverable and faster than the Israeli one, which weighs 65 t and is equipped with an 1500 hp engine. The power of the T-14 engine is the same, but the combat weight of the tank on the 20% is less, which gives it an advantage in mobility.

The T-14 tracks are narrower than the Abrams' M1 and the 2 Leopard, but its combat weight is much smaller, so the width is not important here.

The presence of T-14 active protection, multi-layered armor and dynamic protection, it guarantees a more effective protection of the crew compared to the Merkava. Uninhabited tower T-14 provides greater survival compared with the inhabited tower.

As for environmental awareness and sensors, the Israeli tank is superior to the Russian one. But be that as it may, sensors are a problem for all types of tanks.

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