Putin and King of Saudi Arabia


US will lose the largest consumer of American weapons

Washington may be left without a major consumer of American weapons.

Cold relations between the United States of America and Saudi Arabia can lead to US arms manufacturers losing billions of dollars. Due to the intention of the American President Donald Trump to impose sanctions against Saudi Arabia, while the authorities of the latter, in the event of such actions, are ready to expel all the American military and stop buying American weapons.

In Saudi Arabia itself, this is not considered a significant problem, because thanks to a developed economy and relations with other states, the authorities may well conclude lucrative contracts with Russia or the PRC, thereby securing complete independence from Washington.

What exactly will be the measures of US President Donald Trump with respect to Saudi Arabia remains unknown, but Washington is well aware that opposition to Saudi Arabia will be a serious blow to the national interests of the United States of America, not to mention the complete weakening of the US in the Middle East.

“If Saudi Arabia starts buying Russian weapons, then other countries will follow the example of this country. For the United States, this will be a real horror. ”, - the expert marks.