C-300 and F-16


USA Grieved Israel: C-300 Wins, Not F-16

In the US, they believe that Israel has no chance of holding out against the Russian C-300 in Syria.

Despite the fact that last fall, the United States and Israel criticized the Russian C-300 air defense system delivered to Syria to protect the airspace of this country, the American specialists relied on these air defense systems, and not on the Israeli air forces, stressing that fighters are virtually no chance to stand in front of the "Favorites".

The American edition of The National Interest, after examining all aspects of the Russian C-300 Favorite set for Syria, concluded that even if the Israeli air force continued to attack Syria from long distances, these air defense systems would still be able to shoot down combat aircraft , and even doing it over the Mediterranean Sea.

According to analysts, the deployment of C-300 in Syria may be associated with the latest Israeli attack, which resulted in the destruction of the Syrian air defense.

“All hopes were dashed by the last wave of the Israeli air forces of Iranian facilities located at Damascus airport. Perhaps this was the last straw that pushed Russia to deploy C-300. ”- notes the publication of "The National Interest".