Fighter F-35


The US finally refused to supply F-35 fighters to Turkey

The US Department of Defense will not supply F-35 fighters to Turkey.

Last Monday it became known that official Washington decided to refuse to carry out a previously concluded deal with Turkey to supply this country with fifth-generation F-35 fighter aircraft. According to the Pentagon, it is a question of freezing supplies of arms to Turkey, but analysts believe that it is a complete breakdown of the contract.

Despite the fact that the US Department of Defense was already preparing to hand over two F-35 fighters to Turkey, the planes were sent for conservation, and the Turkish pilots who were trained in the management of these planes were sent home. Experts believe that such behavior on the part of the US as one of the main military partners of Turkey is unacceptable, however, Turkey is preparing a much more serious response for the United States.

Given the fact that the United States of America refuses to supply its F-35 fighters to Turkey, in the near future the authorities of this country may ask the US military to completely leave their military bases within the next few days. Given the fact that US military aircraft are still based on Turkish military airfields, such a decision by Turkey will seriously undermine Washington's position in the Middle East, and although no official statements have been made about this, experts believe that such a measure will be the only one effective.

Considering Turkey's desire to acquire fifth-generation fighters, this country may well begin to cooperate with Russia, which was recently said that it could become the second serious blow to the national interests of the United States.