Fighter F-22


The United States sent its fighter-"invisible" to Japan

Air Force US transferred to Japan 12 fighter F-22 Raptor.

At the moment, the 12 “invisible fighters” are at the airbase in Japan, and, as experts note, until now the American command has not warned of its intentions.

Experts believe that the transfer of military aircraft is associated with recent tests in the DPRK hydrogen bomb, moreover, skeptics believe that in the near future this may cause a conflict between the authorities of the DPRK and the United States, as well as their allies (South Korea, Japan, etc.). P.).

In addition, the transfer of fighter F-22 Raptor to Japan may also be associated with the recent intensification of conflict between China and the United States over disputed archipelagos, although experts believe that, in reality, it does not currently under a good reason to start provocations .

Invisible fighters, they think so ((: Do not make me laugh).


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