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US works off attack on Russia from west, south and north

US troops began testing a large-scale attack on Russia.

Washington intends to hold the largest military exercises in history near the borders of Russia. During the exercises, the so-called “war of the future” will be worked out, during which an offensive is planned on Russia from the north (Baltic countries), west (Poland) and south (Georgia). An unprecedented amount of military equipment, military personnel and combat aircraft will take part in the exercises.

Contrary to the fact that there is no official name for the “adversary,” the exercises conducted at the borders of Russia clearly indicate that it will be Russia that acts as it.

“American troops will conduct the largest exercises in the last 25 years, which will last from February to July. For almost half a year the military will practice conducting a “war of the future” on the border with Russia. According to the scenario of conditional hostilities, the “war” takes place in 2028, while the enemy is not named. The Americans are already transferring equipment to the territory of Georgia, Poland and the Baltic countries, where the exercises will take place. It is known that tactical exercises use not only the latest technology, but also an experimental strategy. The number of aircraft involved in the United States will exceed one hundred, about 50 American tanks, 14 Abrams tanks with Trophy active defense systems, wheeled vehicles, and infantry fighting vehicles will deliver to Europe. "They will work out the opposition to the opponent on land, at sea, and even in space and cyberspace."- reports "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Despite the absence of any official statements from Russia, experts believe that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is considering the possibility of creating obstacles to such exercises, in particular, we are talking about the possibility of conducting our own exercises with missile launches, using electronic suppression and countermeasures, the use of strategic aviation, etc.

“It is very important to demonstrate to the enemy what will become with him and his allies if someone tries to go against Russia. Obviously, the RF Ministry of Defense is planning its own exercises, moreover, in the same period ”, - the analyst notes.

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