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The US has transferred laser-guided missiles to Lebanon

The United States delivered a laser-guided missile for Lebanon for the Super Tucano aircraft

On Wednesday, February 13 in the newspaper "Daily Star" there was a message about the delivery of high-precision laser-guided missiles to the United States of America. These supplies are carried out as part of the military assistance program. We are talking about small-sized guided missiles (cost - 16 million dollars), which are key components for the A-29 "Super Tucano", which are in service with the Lebanese air force with the 2017 of the year.

In total, the United States will give Lebanon two thousand missiles. Their guidance system is called (Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System - "Advanced weapons system for accurate destruction of targets").

According to the press service of the American Embassy in Beirut, these shipments show "a firm commitment of the United States of America to its obligations to increase the combat capability of the Lebanese Armed Forces." Further, the country's armed forces are called the sole legal defender of the state.

Lebanon is one of the five countries receiving the greatest military aid from the Americans. For ten years, she received weapons from the United States totaling two billion dollars. Help is not limited to supplies. Thousands of Lebanese officers and soldiers underwent 32 military training in the States.

The armed forces of the country have 80-percent equipment with American weapons. Over the course of 2019, cash delivery amounts to 250 million dollars.

On Monday, February 11, in Beirut, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif paid a visit. Negotiations were held during which he announced the readiness of the Iranian side to provide Lebanon with modern weapons systems.

Gibran Basil, who heads the Lebanese Foreign Ministry, commenting on the issue of cooperation with Iran, stressed that Lebanon will accept any help to its armed forces. The only requirement is that this assistance should not be "accompanied by any conditions."

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