US crossed the red line: Russian "Shell-S" nearly shot down American fighters

American fighters, appearing near the Russian air base, were almost shot down by "Shells".

A few days ago, sources reported that US Air Force fighter jets and attack helicopters took off to intercept a Russian military convoy and helicopters that appeared near the city of Tel Tamr. Several American military aircraft and one AH-64 Apache helicopter approached the Russian military air base in the city of Kamyshli dangerously and completely unceremoniously, and given the aggression of the latter, Russia almost shot them down.

According to data provided by several sources at once, American fighters and attack helicopters moved from the eastern part of Syria, and neglecting the existing agreements, invaded the territory controlled by Russia. Given the approach of military aircraft to the Russian military airbase in the city of Kamyshli, Russian air defense systems were activated and were ready to open fire to kill, if the American side showed the slightest aggression. The incident occurred on January 25, 2020, and could very well lead to an open conflict between the two sides.

Nevertheless, a number of experts believe that when the appearance of American fighter jets and attack helicopters, emergency talks were held between the Russian and American military departments, which, obviously, was the reason why the US Air Force spent only a few minutes in this area, after which returned to their base.

It should be clarified that two days earlier it became known that the American military was curtailing its checkpoint in the Syrian region of Tel Tamra.

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