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US suspected of being willing to test hypersonic missiles

The United States is suspected of being willing to start testing hypersonic missiles.

Active testing of the unique aircraft Stratolaunch, the secrecy of the project, as well as the beginning of work in the United States to create hypersonic weapons, prompted experts to the idea that in the near future, and we can talk about 2020-2021, the United States may experience a unique hypersonic rocket, which is almost a direct analogue of the Russian complexes "Dagger" and "Avangard".

Experts note that the Stratolaunch is too large for launching spacecraft and missiles, however, it is almost perfectly suitable for testing and subsequent use of hypersonic aeroballistic intercontinental missiles, which the experts of the Military Review newsletter agree, believing that is military purpose.

“Stratolaunch can be considered as an ideal carrier of heavy intercontinental aeroballistic hypersonic missiles. In fact, the task of the aircraft carrier is only to raise the rocket to a height of 20-30 kilometers, as well as its discharge, after which it will continue the flight on its own - a sort of Russian ARK “Dagger”, only of much larger dimensions ”- analysts say.

How exactly this information can correspond to reality is very difficult to assume.

Directly and analogue of Dagger and Avant-garde in 2020 already? Just the same on 27 Mach? Lord, if only 6 Mach achieved, commercials, year to 2030! Unless, of course, live to 2030.


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