Battle laser


The US complained to the United Nations on a Russian combat laser

The United States saw a threat to peace in the "Peresvet" war laser.

US Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control Ilem Poblet, during a conference in the United Nations on disarmament, said about the threat coming from Russia. The speech mainly concerned the Russian combat laser Peresvet and the observer satellite - this weapon, in the opinion of the United States, poses a threat to the whole world.

According to the data presented by Poblet at the UN conference, Russia demonstrates "... unkind behavior ..." and seeks to use space technology for military purposes. No evidence on this subject was provided, but experts believe that this is just another attempt by the US to exert pressure on Russia and to show the country's allegedly aggressive intentions towards the whole world.

Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations, Alexander Deineko, criticized the US position, saying that the words of Ilem Poblet are slander, since unfounded accusations are based only on guesswork and assumptions.

"Poblet's statement was quite predictable. The United States is trying to tackle the militarization of outer space, as Donald Trump recently said, and Russia already has weapons to detect and destroy space satellites, which Washington is worried about ", - said the specialist

* "Peresvet" - a complex of Russian laser weapons, performing the tasks of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense.

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