Airplane IL-22PP Porubshchik


The United States threatened Russia with a nuclear strike for using the Il-22PP

The United States called the conditions under which a nuclear strike would be struck across Russia.

According to the materials provided by The National Interest, the United States of America could well strike a nuclear strike on Russia, if the Russian plane Il-22PP Porubshchik will affect the US military and telecommunications satellites. Such an impact will probably qualify as an act of aggression, and to preempt the enemy, it will be inflicted numerous nuclear strikes.

"If Russia cuts off electronics on US satellites, this could be interpreted as a military act sufficient to justify a nuclear response", - reports the edition of The National Interest.

According to experts, this decision is based primarily on statements by Russia and China on their readiness to oppose the creation of the US Space Forces, but it is logical to assume that the militarization of the United States by space can lead to similar measures on the part of Russia and China, which in turn can lead to another "cold war", but already including three countries - the US, Russia and the PRC.

On the other hand, it is important to understand that there have been no official statements on the part of the US on this issue, and experts believe that there is only an escalation of the situation, the main purpose of which is to demonstrate the position of strength on the part of the United States of America.

* Il-22PP "Porubshchik" is a Russian military aircraft of electronic warfare intended to influence electronic systems of ground, sea, air and space objects.

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The West's heavy spending on missile defense can lead to a critical level, when the West can deal a fatal blow to Russia without fear of a retaliatory strike.
Therefore, Russia must strike the first blow at the West and as soon as possible.

taking into account how the United States got obsolete with North Korea ... it was worth it that a couple of weak nuclear bombs appeared and a couple of unpretentious rockets - so they were immediately blown away and their fingers turned back ... - so with Russia their threats are nothing at all ... they will not draw, they are shallow in spirit, but they are rotten with sweat.

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