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US threatens Russia with tough response in Syria

The United States began to threaten Russia in Syria.

Due to the actions of the Russian military in Syria, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Washington was ready to take unprecedented measures in Syria in order to stop Russia. By similar measures, the Secretary of State of the United States of America also threatened official Damascus and Tehran, which obviously indicates an imminent aggravation of the situation in the Middle East.

“The United States is following with serious concern the situation in northwestern Syria, where the combined forces of Russia, the Iranian regime, Hezbollah and the Assad regime have reportedly carried out large-scale attacks on residents of Idlib province and western Aleppo. It is reported that these forces are carrying out indiscriminate aerial bombardments and ground attacks, resulting in thousands of civilians being fired at at Maaret En Numan, with the result that they have nowhere to flee. In other areas, tens of thousands are reportedly fleeing their homes. ”- said Pompeo, accusing Russia, Syria and Iran of creating tension in the region.

Under unprecedented measures, the US Secretary of State understands the use of economic and political levers of pressure, although Pompeo did not show the reason why it is impossible to free Syrian territory from Russian terrorists.

According to experts, such a statement by Washington indicates that the United States is concerned about the loss of its influence in the Middle East, however. Moreover, Russia may also tighten the conditions for the United States to stay in this country, for example, by breaking existing agreements and closing airspace over the eastern part of the Arab Republic.

“Damascus will not mind closing the airspace over the eastern part of Syria, if Russia needs it. The official closing of the skies over this country will allow Russia to shoot down everything that flies without warning, and for the United States this will become a huge problem. ”, - the expert marks.

Andrey, are they crazy ??? Wasn't Donald Cook ticking from our planes in the Black Sea? Isn't America constantly screaming about dangerous rapprochements in the air and on water? And not the American roadblocks scatter at the sight of our "turntables" ??? ..... So you wrote without thinking.

Well, yes, they were afraid. Like North Koreans, Iranians, etc. .... trembling))))

What is stopping you? Forward. Just tell me, when will you start and where?

And why not threaten in return. Is it enough to shake the air? To respond to each threat with your own. Anyway, the Americans hate us, so we have nothing to lose. It's time to move on to action.

You will only think about your pocket, you will also become an Americanos ;-)

I absolutely agree with you. America may and does want, but will it climb ...

Don’t pay attention to Washington. They put the sticks in the wheels and they will put it. Close your ears and do your job. Snoop-quench! Now Iran snapped now, if America receives hands from Russia. This precedent will be supported by other countries. It will be full America’s failure on all fronts in the political arena.

Brazenly fly to the first Syrian missile. The first plane with the coffins of the US military - and the president and the company will be thrown off. In the USA, Vietnam and Korea are well remembered. It is no coincidence that the Americans fly their missiles and vile drones from bunkers in the United States.

So why is the sky still not closed?

something reminiscent of North Vietnam .. threatened threatened and left without saying goodbye

Take it, warrior horseradish! We fought a hundred years ahead!
These are the first screamers to be sent to the trenches, but under the carpet bombing, so that they grow wiser. If only I would think about my children!

Close the sky? Yes, the United States did not care about it. 100% will fly brazenly. The Americasos are reckless and consider themselves untouchable. And again, Russia will discuss lawlessness without doing anything since - God forbid not to offend the Americans and not to get another sanction. After all, so they interfere with stuffing their pockets.


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