Ballistic missile launch


US checked the "strength" of Russia's nerves by launching the ICBM "Minuteman III"

An American ballistic missile was launched from a military base in California.

According to the Associated Press news agency, 6 on November 2018, an intercontinental ballistic missile was launched from the American military base "Vanderberg" (California). It is reported that the ballistic missile was launched in the direction of Russia and China, and successfully hit the target in the Pacific.

The resource has at its disposal information that we are talking about a ballistic missile Minuteman III, whose main purpose is nuclear deterrence during the Cold War, and attacking the enemy in the event of a military conflict. Experts have already called it noteworthy that the United States did not notify any country of the planned tests, especially considering Washington’s intentions to withdraw from the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Small-Range Missiles (DDSMD), as well as against the background of a significant deterioration in political relations with Russia and China .

The Pentagon (US Department of Defense) stressed that the intercontinental ballistic missile successfully hit the target in the Pacific, however, it should be clarified that during the last tests during the flight of the missile anomalies were detected.

It should be clarified that Russia did not respond to the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile Minuteman III, but as early as next year, the Prometheus C-500 anti-aircraft missile systems capable of hitting such targets at a great distance may appear in Russia's service.

Listening to me, Crap ... With -500 is able to easily intercept both ballistic targets and cruise missiles ... separately ... But it can also easily eliminate group targets - using nuclear warheads ... This means that one missile can destroy dozens of cruise missiles .. And the bulk of their nuclear forces are precisely on their outdated tomahawks ...

About ATGM with a range of 20 km in more detail please ... "hang out the helicopter", I just cry from you. Pzduny divorced.

papamiha 09 Nov 2018 to 08: 35
Your skin will depreciate even lower than that of a pig, even its rats and cockroaches will shame it. All these shots are fired and only those who really want to destroy the World of God rejoice.

in Russia did not respond to the launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile Minuteman III ...
Have you slept? Therefore, it’s probably not considered with us that we don’t react in any way.

My respect to you !!! You have described the truth of life. Feels
man has a steel spirit. You voiced my thoughts. On all 100 percent agree.

Oh, what about the great ukrov from Square. C 500 is one of the promising air defense missiles, which your Western masters are afraid of. C-700 (laser systems) in general can cover the entire planet.

Yeah, "kindergarten." You tell amers who have Washington protected only by old Norwegian complexes that cannot physically repel a missile strike. We can easily erase Washington in the dust.

As long as these C-500 appear, we will be turned into the huge Russian Gulf. well, how many rockets will we reflect with Prometheus? Well, let 300? And where will 190 go? So far, we have no opportunity for Amer to answer, so this is just a scribbling, that we are so powerful and have just won all and will win

Well, what did we answer? expressed concern? And let's better tax those citizens we levy, so that the Americans are already shaking? Or not, better let us make the Russians miserable, kill medicine and pensions, let them die so that the states cannot ruin them? But no, this is all already with us, and so it’s only necessary to say that we have some kind of super-weapon, only we will not show it to anyone.

In fact, the United States is not profitable to attack the far east of Russia. Why? yes everything is simple - there is no niche there, and the rocket can fly to Moscow, how the hell knows how many minutes, and you can intercept it once in 20, so this is just an attempt to intimidate us

The best medicine for the USA is our Topol. Therefore, we simply need to submit an ultimatum to them that they owe us an amount in the amount of their GDP (in the United States it is ~ $ 18 trillion), with payment in 18 years (in a triple year). Or wait for our Topol - type, choose. And if they ask for what ?, let them look through the history textbook and see how much damage the West has inflicted on Russia over the last 300 years. It’s time to pay back. Therefore, we offer the softest option for them, money in exchange for a quiet, pig-like life. earlier to eat GMOs and sleep in the gardening area, to prick drugs and to go to the point. Romance ... Well, a bit about Nato - this is the most fucking warriors in the world. Such cowardly soldiers have not yet been in the world in the history of the planet. Give an example where the west would fight with an equal opponent? There are no such examples. They kill only old people and children. And just bluffing, surrounding Russia around the perimeter. They just take it on "weakly", but for some reason ours were led to their bluff. It is very strange. This bluff must be understood and be ready first, to be ahead of "pay off" the enemy. It is necessary now to bring our squadron and submarines to the shores of the Pindos, to target all the energetic missiles at them and to present such an ultimatum, as their knees immediately tremble. Confident on 100%. They don't even twitch. Why? The answer is simple - they have something to lose (this is the main thing that everyone has forgotten about). Therefore, when for the United States, the enemy is economically equal, like China, or equal in arms, like Russia (and even better together) will assign them a member of them " to the smoked eye "- they will cling to their riches, dropping to servility, and will be ready to pay any money, just not to touch. Immediately forget about the" exclusivity "and bitter tears will flow. Everyone surely knows (from movies or from life) that when a certain "cool" terrorizes the whole street with his gang and then takes him for m shonku another, even more daring pepper, then immediately disappears somewhere the courage and daring of the first? It’s very interesting. It turns out that life is more expensive than a wallet. And the money is nothing at all (example: one has a ruble in his 1 pocket, another has 1000 rubles, but both have a pistol in their hands. And what’s the economy here?) ? In general, the wedge knocked wedge. But we have no such problems - we have lost 300 years - now, I hope, the return flow will go. That's the whole difference between us and the west. Therefore, baby talk about the so-called. "peace with the West" let them leave for our liberals, who take from the West by the cheek and under the tongue. But for such an ultimatum, we need strength and political will. We have enough strength, little will. We are waiting, when our rulers mature ...

And what is there, you need to be an academician for this? Yes, even I can tell you. Take ATALD, preferably more. C-300 sees the target, goes into combat mode and narrows the degree from 120 to 10. After that, plant traps so as to calculate what degrees it falls into. Hang out there Avaks. It calculates the location. But you are not in a hurry. Transfer the traps to that corner - let C-300 spend more rockets, it may be lucky and it will be necessary to destroy it already. Then send to the address a pack of drones, each of which is no larger than a non-kosher pig. For C-300 drones will not work. Minus one C-300. If there are more, the work becomes more complicated. But not much. Now, it will be necessary to measure the distance additionally - approximately as the Israelis Pantsiri are attacking. They have a range of 20 km, so they simply hang out the helicopter, which has an 25 ATGM kilometers at a distance of 22 kilometers and the result is in the pocket. Also available with C-300. Is it so hard for you? C-300 - kindergarten weapons in general.