Fighter F-35


US frightens Russia and China with a new combat fighter

In the United States, they figured out how to defeat Russia and China with the new F-35 fighter.

Despite the fact that the fifth-generation American F-35 fighter possesses a huge number of shortcomings, the Pentagon decided to create on the basis of this aircraft a new modernized version of the fighter-bomber. According to the US, the new F-35 fighter will allow Russia and China to win the arms race and deprive these countries of the advantages in creating the fifth generation fighters.

The updated version of the American F-35 fighter will have to appear in service with the US by 2020 year, while experts note that the F-35 will not have any cardinal advantages.

"It is known that among the innovations of the American F-35 fighter there will be only an integrated automatic system to prevent an aircraft from colliding with the ground and new weapons - high-precision SDB II bombs. In fact, it does not even pull on the modification, not to mention the fact that the aircraft will somehow be seriously improved ", - stressed the analyst

There is speculation that the US began to talk about the high potential of F-35 because these planes were not needed for the main US allies, despite the fact that Trump promised to minimize the cost of these aircraft.