Aircraft MS-21


The US decided to destroy Russian aircraft

The US State Department wants to destroy Russian aircraft.

Received in recent years a powerful push by Russian aircraft construction, it risks being completely destroyed by the announcement of the United States about preparations for the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. Under the new sanctions, all civilian aircraft construction may well fall, while skeptics claim that sanctions can also be used against military aircraft construction.

According to the Reuters news agency, in the third decade of August, the United States of America intends to impose new sanctions against Russia, which could seriously undermine the sector of domestic civil and military aircraft construction. The introduction of new sanctions is due to alleged evidence that Russia was convicted of using chemical poisons against the Violins.

"Despite the fact that Russia has made a significant breakthrough in creating a promising passenger airliner MS-21, the project may be buried under US sanctions. The same applies to the Il-114 aircraft, as well as a number of military aircraft projects. In fact, the US State Department has decided to destroy Russian aircraft construction, and taking into account the difficult financial situation in the country, this may well be feasible ", - stressed the specialist

Moreover, the United States stressed that if Russia does not give up chemical weapons and does not provide any guarantees, new sanctions will be introduced within three months.

Down with the air companies "Airbus" and "Boeing" from the territory of Russia! You give Russian airlines the planes of Tupolev, Ilyushin, Yakovlev!

on all 100% support !!!!!!

I agree with you, Highlander!

Sergei, do not forget that against Russia is not about, the manifest war. In war, all methods are good, even the provocateurs and alarmists of whom in our country were raised by Pindos money in hundreds and thousands.

It is not true that there was no ban on the export of dual-use products. I say this as a former purchasing manager on the Sukhoi Superjet project. Simply, for each purchase of el.components it was necessary to obtain a permit and ours gave a written undertaking not to use products for military purposes. These papers were creaky, but the Americans did. And now it seems that Sukhoi is finished.

Are you not judging by yourself, not deeply respected?

Where the fuck do these conclusions come from ?! The ban on the export of dual-use products to us has existed for a long time. We did not buy anything from the US for the defense industry and do not buy it. From the fact that some components or systems for civilian aircraft will not be delivered, they can be replaced by European ones. Europe has already sent troops to Iran. The next "all-mouth" expert.

United States is who?

Someone has already forgotten how in 1991-m developed a scoop did turn down?

Or can not be stitched with ravioli? Or the hands of the .opy grow.

The daughter of an officer?

And my mother made the pelmeni herself. And in what year did you lack the shop dumplings?

Putin's stupidity and incompetence pose a threat to our aircraft industry (and not only to him), not sanctions. Many industries of industry that are necessary to the aviation industry have been destroyed and are not being restored. And Minister of Industry Manturov, specializing in sociology. Ie, the fool is a fool. In the USSR, the aviation industry was at the level of global sanctions. It was just then that there were a lot of smart people in the power, smart and not thievish. Now, judging by the results, they are gone.

What scare us all the time that so cares what nasty thing to do is to go our own way.

Did not your mother go to work for 4 hours for pelmeni?

Sanctions will be imposed regardless of whether the chemical weapons were or not, they do not care about it, so what are you dancing on the bones ... What do you suggest then? Confess?

Well, where were you at for the dumplings? Maybe next were, waiting for an answer ... Only without heels.

In the USSR, pelmeni were sculpted themselves, as well as all the conservation. For shop dumplings in the queue-brehnya.Kto wrote it?

Someone was standing, but someone was just walking and buying.

I wonder what you're doing? If you do not understand basic things.

Why is the expert so distraught about our aviation? To be precise, the aviation was withdrawn separately from the planned sanctions: there are no fools in the states, to reduce sales of their equipment in Russia ... As for the military, the imported part of the electronics is Chinese ...

Yeah, I remember all of my Soviet Union and how it was good, I was with my mother for 4 hours for dumplings, and Putin and Sechin then that they were now living for ****

After 1917 g. Survived the "sanctions" Is it possible in 2018 g.pri "developed" capitalism bend?

And you can not pass a visa ...

Yes, if officials and rulers had not plundered the country, they did not transfer money for the hill, they would work for the good of the country and the people, then nothing would be scary to us. And so the country is ruled by Uncle Sam, not Putin.

And sho is typical: everything is for the good!

In Russia, there is everything for the revival, there is no nationally oriented power. A multinational thief in power and from
named Russian and disguised as Russians steal about ruining the country. Cleaning the augean power stables is the first and
the right step towards the revival of Russia.

Of course, why not, and then got it already

And write about it to Putin, because the government is blunt

The idea of ​​sending to Putin, let him discuss

Obviously, everything is not as simple as our media and politicians say to us. The world is not made by a finger, since they are hammering us with sanctions, and it is clear that to confess, to make a grave for ourselves

Our screamers gradually have to admit that the stranglehold is tightened firmly, and the ravaged country can not do anything except silly mistakes at every step. There is no industry, but the fact that there are foreign investments on 90 percent. There were only loud statements and cartoons.

And our Russia will be selling titanium to the US because our country needs currency

And to the wall can put you if you pierce

Raise the price of Russian titanium, for a start - ten times.

What will the Yankees do without the titanium from Russia?

Who needs these super-gadgets and ms-21 ???

If our leadership did not seek to make good and "bucks" for "a bump", then our Russia could live with its resources separately in the country!

The US budget deficit is a fictitious blend of ohmurilovki, like glass beads for plebeians. It can be swollen and inflated without restrictions, because the printing machine of paper cranes is at hand - type and print, and problems arise in banana republics accepting "cranes" for the measure of exchange. During the entire period of dollar expansion, the world economy has already inflationed hundreds of times, but this has not become a lesson for the capitalizing US

For a long time it's time to spit on their sanctions and completely switch to their production. Those who interfere - to the wall. Cuba does not depend on anyone and develops, but here they try to lick something to the West, or to suck it off

it may well be that it goes to that and goes

The most correct decision. It's time to raise production

And what, China?

Superjet "did not fire," MC-21 - delaying the process with a gradual increase in the budget to fantastic values. Tired of these pathos news, but where is the result? And now they have found a new justification for these sanctions?
Aircraft are of course needed, but not with such a loss of time and money. Is the opinion of the Accounting Chamber headed by Kudrin about investment projects in the aviation industry interesting?

We need to rambling the chemical plant in Britain, which is located at 15-20 km from the poisoning site, but give them a day to prove that they are not they. Let them feel themselves in the place of Syria ...

And do not start hunting for the senators themselves pindostana?

It's fun, almost the whole world has one country.

Now if they veto the software and semiconductors with their own microprograms (processors / controllers) - this will be a real and complete ass. Their "Baikal" and "Elbrus" such holes no longer shut up

I think that in the current realities you need to use the experience of the USSR! Not from anyone not closing, but at the same time in modern trends! Have all your own! In the flesh to the needles! And so further globalization is the extermination of RUSSIA!

This mission is impossible. Just think about it for a minute, that Russia did not poison the Violins, and sanctions for them, LIVING, are still being introduced!
The only way out, in order not to suffer in vain, is to really start doing what has long been accused. And the purpose of choosing large. At the level of presidents and prime ministers.

All financial games, if you discard their "highly scientific" husks, are to increase confidence in your own economy and undermine confidence in the economy of the enemy. So our chances here are equal. Our propaganda proved to be effective, since the congressmen started to fuss! Now the game - who is the first to blink))).

Moscow. 19 July. INTERFAX.RU - The US federal budget deficit in each of the next three years will be almost $ 100 billion higher than previous estimates, and in the 2019 fiscal year beginning October 1, will exceed $ 1 trillion. This is evidenced by new forecasts of the administration of US President Donald Trump.
According to The Wall Street Journal, revised estimates were sent to the Congress by the White House last week, but no one paid any attention to them for several days.
The increase in the deficit is due to the increase in government spending, agreed earlier this year, and the increase in interest rates and, accordingly, interest payments.
Previously, the White House expected that the strengthening of economic growth would compensate for the reduction in tax rates and, in the long run, would increase government revenues.
In February, the draft budget implied a cumulative deficit of $ 7,1 trillion for 10 years. Now this forecast is increased by $ 926 billion - to $ 8 trillion.
The Presidential Administration "did not give a single recommendation how to improve the situation with a deficit," said Maya McGinnis, president of the non-governmental organization Committee for Supporting the Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB).
In 2019, the shortage will be almost $ 1,1 trillion (5,1% of GDP) compared to $ 666 billion (3,4% of GDP) in the past. The February forecast for the next year was $ 984 billion.
"There is nothing good in the huge deficits in the huge deficits, and we will have a deficit in relation to the GDP of the 4-5%, which is not bad, I saw worse," said the director of the National Economic Council of the White House, Lawrence Kadlow, chief economic adviser to the president.
In the history of the United States after the Second World War there were only two periods when the negative balance of the budget exceeded 5% of GDP: in 1983 and in 2009-2012. In both cases, this deficit was preceded by extremely difficult economic conditions, including recession and high unemployment.
Now the White House expects a steady economic growth and a reduction in unemployment to 3,7% in 2019.

I do not understand anything, but the pricks of medley-headed dogs got it.

The United States itself is not capable of anything, but it would be someone else's hands ...
Russia is patient, but we will not feed someone else's army.


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