US Special Representative for Syria


USA: Russia is obliged to allow Israel to strike at Syria

The US wants to oblige Russia to give Israel the right to strike at Syria.

James Jeffrey, special representative of the United States of America for Syria, stated that Russia should be asked to give Israel the opportunity to safely strike Iranian military facilities and Hezbollah positions in Syria. Geoffrey expressed the hope that Russia will not create an overly tense situation in the Middle East and will not interfere in the conflict between Israel and Iran, especially since, according to the Israeli side, Iran is a threat to the Jewish state.

“Russia and Israel had previously reached an agreement on Syria, and Moscow provided an opportunity for Israel to strike at Iranian military facilities. We express the hope that these agreements will continue. We understand the interests of the Israeli side, and we fully support Israel. ”- The special representative of the United States of America on Syria said.

Jeffrey expressed the hope that Russia and Israel will continue to cooperate on Syria without direct pressure from the United States, however, what specifically Jeffrey meant by his own words was not explained.

“Russia has already made it clear to Israel that any attempts to create a provocation or to withdraw from the agreement on Syria will only lead to serious problems for the Israeli side. Today, Syrian airspace is protected by 6 divisions of the C-300 “Favorit” air defense system (Russian 3 and Syrian 3 - ed.), Not to mention the much more powerful Triumph C-400 air defense systems. In fact, this is enough to leave the IDF without military aircraft. ”, - the expert emphasized.

Russia will carry out preventive nuclear strikes at states that pose a threat to its national interests and are located in the occupied territories of Syria.

Why not allow it? It is only necessary to replenish Syria's air defense systems with the C-400 “Triumph” complex, and then it will be possible to invite you to bombing, as on a talk show.