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US: Russian hypersonic missiles deprive us of protection

In the United States, they recognized defenselessness over Russian hypersonic missiles.

The US Department of Defense expressed great concern about the capabilities of Russian hypersonic missiles to bypass American missile defense systems, as this threatens the national interests of the United States of America. Against this background, the publication The National Interest called the US military defenseless against the Russian complexes Dagger and Avangard.

"The MDA explicitly acknowledges that the interceptors currently available are not designed to deal with maneuverable hypersonic missiles and that there is a need to optimize them for such purposes", - says one of the military analysts, in an interview with The National Interest.

American experts admitted that the appearance of interceptor missiles capable of moving with hypersonic speed is entirely possible, however, this is not about maneuvering missiles, which allows us to state that interception of Russian hypersonic missiles can be carried out only at the final stage of their flight.

At the moment, hypersonic weapons are being developed in the United States, but given the fact that Russia already has it in its arsenal, and in the coming months it will also be adopted by China, the US is certainly behind in this respect.