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US: Russian "Vanguard" will not break through US missile defense system

In the US, Russian hypersonic missiles are not considered a threat.

As follows from the information provided by the publication "Sina", Russia has made great progress in creating hypersonic weapons, however, despite this fact, it does not pose any threat to the United States.

According to US military analysts, the Russian Avangard complex can indeed hit targets in virtually any part of the world, but the United States has one of the most advanced and deployed missile defense networks in the world. In fact, experts believe that Russian hypersonic missiles can be destroyed, and this can be done both directly at the stage of the rocket flight, and when entering the chosen target.

It should be clarified that the United States really has one of the most ambitious missile defense systems in the world, but given that there is no advanced technology so far to detect an object moving at a speed above 5 MAX, it is unequivocal to say that the US can shoot down a hypersonic missile, moving at a speed of the order of 25 thousand km / h, is impossible.

"Of course, to date, there are missiles capable of hitting almost any object, but there are no means of radar that can track the flight of targets moving at extremely high speeds. This is the main advantage of Russian weapons ", - says the specialist

... US missile defense can be advanced, but in practice it has never been used, that's why such articles are written to provoke the opposite side, that it's too much to blur out, because there is practically no information on the new Russian systems ...

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The hypersonic object can be detected and intercepted by a conventional missile defense system located both in the area of ​​its target and near its trajectory - an ordinary anti-missile on a collision course, since hypersound is possible only in the longitudinal direction of motion, and in the transverse direction the speed is normal ...