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USA: Putin’s words about nuclear war are strange but not terrible

In the US, Putin was caught trying to intimidate the West.

A few days ago, during the Valdai Forum, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin declared that Russia possesses modern types of weapons, including this also applies to nuclear weapons, but it is not supposed to use such weapons in preventive measures. If the European and American media saw in the words of the Russian president, above all, a threat, then military experts called Vladimir Putin’s words about nuclear war strange, but not scary.

Michael Kofman, an expert at the Center for Naval Analysis, said that the words of the Russian president are fine, but they are primarily aimed at intimidating Europe and the United States.

“He only described conventional nuclear deterrence, clarified the provisions of the Russian nuclear security doctrine — what is in it, what is not in it — and did it mainly to explain the position of Russia, which was described in the US National Nuclear Review, last year. And, of course, he did it to attract attention and to underline the fact that Russia will respond to aggression with weapons that it has. Putin did this before. He also stressed the principle of non-use of nuclear weapons first, as if responding to the statements of the “hawks” about Russia's intentions, and to believe in it or not is already a matter of listeners. ”, - the expert emphasized.

Among the oddities of Vladimir Putin’s words, Michael Kofman highlighted the fact that the Russian president touched on this topic altogether.

“Of course, in fact, Putin described the psychology of a retaliatory nuclear strike as something that is being done in retaliation, revenge. And so in detail and emotionally, leaders usually do not describe this in public. But this motive really underlies the concept of nuclear deterrence, whether we like it or not. He goes overboard with a demonstration of determination to defend himself, which he does quite often - I am sure that no one in the Russian leadership believes in the reality of a nuclear strike on Russia by the United States of America. Putin probably believes that restraint in this matter can only hurt, and sometimes shows his determination too zealously. ”, - the expert noted.

Unfortunately amerikashek, Putin has not deceived anyone yet. Vanguard launched into a series. Respect Russia!