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USA: Russia has an invisible plane, no, did not hear

9 May, two fighters of the fifth generation of the Su-57 PAK FA flew in a parade of victory in the sky over Moscow to demonstrate the capabilities of the Russian Air Force.

According to unofficial data, an intermediate version of the Su-57, made on the basis of the "Stealth" technology, will be ready for 2019. The Russian Air Force hopes to supply the first dozen such aircraft in the same year. The number of units of the current modification, equipped with engines "Saturn AL-41F1" from Su-35, which will be purchased as a result, is not reported. Most likely the government will postpone the mass purchase of fighters of this type until the middle of 2020, when they will install more powerful engines, which are now referred to as the "30 product".

For a long time, in collaboration with India, work was carried out on a local version of the Su-57. However, at some point in Delhi, they abandoned the project, justifying their decision for two reasons: first, the Russians refused to share the source code of the aircraft with their Indian colleagues, and secondly, because of the technological imperfection of the new device: the non-ideal electronics, the stealth ", And the engines do not have enough power reserve. And if the motors will be replaced in the future, the Indians' concerns about high visibility will remain relevant: little can be done to radically affect the effective area of ​​dispersion of radar waves. However, India is ready to return to the issue of the Su-57 procurement after a certain period of time required for reflection.

The main problem causing excessive visibility of Su-57 is hiding in the form of a hull. Recently in the magazine "Business Insider" (Business Insider) it was reported that the surface of the Su-57 shell is dotted with "hot spots", which are easy to notice.

The main thing is that there is no doubt that it is impossible for Russians to design an invisible aircraft. The only question is whether Moscow has the necessary production facilities for serial production of the aircraft using stealth technology.

An important factor for assembling an invisible aircraft is the technological tolerance. Even in F-22, its value was 1 / 10 000 in. F-35 are released on a denser line than what is needed for F-22 and has become obsolete. In the conditions of strict technological tolerances, the reason why F-35 is applied is less than stealth coatings.

Russians, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, rely on imported machines imported from Europe, which simply do not have production facilities for the serial production of "invisible."

If we look at the problem from the Russian point of view, it turns out that Moscow does not believe that stealth technology will ensure the survival of technology - especially in the case of an invasion of a well-armed airspace. To experience Russia really is not worth it.

In addition to the US Navy, in the Western countries there are no integrated integrated air defense systems that are comparable in impact power with the Russian C-300 or C-400. If Russian troops strike such a well-defended region, the Kremlin will rely on long-range weapons in the form of X-101 / 102 cruise missiles, which are capable of any modern air defense systems at low altitude.

According to The National Interest, USA

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